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2020 Korea Kimchi Festival went worldwide on November 22
2020 Korea Kimchi Festival went worldwide on November 22
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The Korean Kimchi Festival 2020 kicked off from November 20-22 with aims to widely promote Kimchi - the spicy Korean fermented vegetable dish and Gimjang culture, the tradition of making kimchi in the winter to the world. 

Especially, on November 22, a global special program was held to connect directly with six countries for co-hosting the Korean Kimchi Festival.

In California (USA), 600 Korean lunch meals made with kimchi were delivered to the state's volunteer medical staff at COVID-19 sites.

In Australia, there were Gimjang and Kimchi-related talk shows, with the participation of influential local Hallyu figures, politicians, and talented chefs.

Photo: Korean Society of Sydney Australia

In Russia, Korean people living there shared the story of kimchi, which has preserved all the time, or talented Korean chefs directly show off skills at making Kimchi (Gimjang) 

In Hanoi, Vietnam, students from the culinary faculty of six universities participated in a Korean cooking contest, including kimchi.