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K-drama that captivated Japan will lead potential visitors to Korea.
K-drama that captivated Japan will lead potential visitors to Korea.
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Online promotion 'K-Drama Week: It's OK to make an emergency landing in Itaewon' until 12.13. - On the way.

An online promotion that leads to the recent K-drama craze in Japan to promote Korean tourism is drawing attention. It is "K-Drama Week: It's OK to make an emergency landing in Itaewon," which uses three popular Korean dramas (Itaewon class, the Crash landing of Love, and Psycho But It's Okay) to connect the Japanese market with the demand for a visit to Korea after the Corona.

The online event, which is being held on the exclusive website ( from the 25th to the 13th of December, is heating the love of Korean Wave fans in Japan with a variety of content, including an online talk show for Korean tourism, an online tour of the filming location, a consumer participation event, and an introduction of related products to Korea.

On the 25th, actress Kim Da-mi, who plays Cho I- Seo in "Lee Tae-won Class," appeared on an online talk show to express her gratitude to the Japanese fans for loving the Itaewon class and Korea even in a difficult situation with the corona. In the show, which took place with about 2,000 fans participating in real-time, Kim Da-mi introduced the drama's backdrops, Itaewon and Jeonju Hanok Village, along with behind-the-scenes stories of the filming, memorable scenes, and filming locations, as well as recommended tourist destinations for fans coming to Korea after the end of the Corona.

Also on Wednesday, the talk show featured five squadrons of "The Crash landing of Love." Actor Yang Kyung-won, who played the role of Pyo Chi-soo, visited Chungju and Jeju, the filming locations of the drama, to introduce the attractions of the tourist attractions through video clips, while actors Yoo Soo-bin and Tang Jun-sang, who watched the video at the talk show, had time to communicate with fans by revealing hidden stories at the time of the shooting. He also introduced Gangneung and Andong as Korean tourist destinations that he wants to go to with Japanese fans when he becomes free to travel after the end of the Corona.

In particular, 10 pet dolls participated in the two-day talk show on behalf of Japanese fans who could not visit Korea. These dolls shared the scenes of their participation with the cast on behalf of their owners through SNS to soothe the disappointment of owners who could not come to Korea. In addition to participating in the talk show, the dolls who visited Korea for the "Korean Drama Location Tour" toured the Itaewon area, Namsan Mountain, and Gyeongbokgung Palace to enjoy Korea.

Japan's response to the event is also hot. Kim Da-mi's online talk show replay video surpassed 20,000 views in just one day after its release and was also ranked on the Twitter Japanese trend word "It's OK to make an emergency landing in Itaewon" shortly after the online talk show on the emergency landing of love. Fans who watched the talk show expressed hope, "I feel like I'm actually in Korea," and "I want to run through the streets of Itaewon as soon as possible." A Japanese fan (ID: uoou), who is watching Korean dramas over and over again, said, "I've also started studying Korean on this occasion. "I will be the first to run to Korea when the Corona is over," he said.

Meanwhile, the "Psycho But It's Okay" episode, scheduled to be released on December 7, will be released.

Actors Kang Ki-dung and Park Jin-Joo will travel to Goseong and Incheon, the main background of the drama.

It is about introducing travel destinations and food.

Ha Sang-Seok, head of the Japanese team at the corporation, said, "We will make every effort to promote marketing using the Korean Wave so that the Korean Wave boom, which is currently centered on young people, can be linked to the demand for Korean tourism and the revitalization of local tourism around the local market at the time of the resumption of travel after Corona."