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Feel the Rhythm of Korea won "2020 Tourism Innovation Awards"
Feel the Rhythm of Korea won "2020 Tourism Innovation Awards"
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The Tourism Innovation Summit is sponsored by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Travel Committee (WTTC), and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

The promotional video "Feel the Rhythm of Korea" produced by the Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae, hereinafter referred to as the Corporation), has been recognized for its innovation in public relations abroad. The corporation won the "2020 Tourism Innovation Awards 2020" in the digital campaign category at the Tourism Innovation Summit in Seville, Spain, from Nov. 25-27.

The Tourism Innovation Summit, an international event that was newly held recently, is sponsored by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Travel Commission (WTTC), and the Pacific Regional Tourism Association (PATA). This year, it was organized by Next Business Exhibitions, a company specializing in B2B events and conferences, and the Seville Tourism Administration, the venue.  Tourism innovation awards awarded to organizations and tourism companies that have applied innovative business models or technologies in the global tourism sector are evaluated in a total of five areas (customer experience, artificial intelligence and data analysis, digital campaigns, sustainable tourism projects, and new business models). Among them, the digital campaign category is selected through the preliminary and final rounds by evaluating the cases of tourism promotion and brand awareness using digital technology and social media based on innovation, leadership, unprecedentedness, strategy, and execution. 

Korea was selected as the best example of viral marketing in this category, which drew voluntary participation from users with its unconventional approach in the sector. In the final, it beat out its competitor Barceló Hotel Group's multilingual communication platform and the MICE industry promotion digital campaign of Greater Bogotá Convention Bureau, Colombia.

Meanwhile, Spanish hotel group Iberostar, which allows customers to personalize their rooms and book on a 3D hotel map, was awarded in the Customer Experience category, while in the AI and Data Analysis category, Slovenian company ARCTUR, which modeled tourism effects on local environmental systems to promote sustainable development, was awarded. In addition, Barcelona Turisme, the world's first biosphere-certified city, won the Sustainable Tourism Project category, and the Dutch Our Mapp, which allows customers to experience more differentiated tourism by providing information on local and local tourist destinations, won the New Business Model category. 

From November 25 to 27, Tourism Innovation Summit held offline at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Center, was attended by 1,263 people from 16 countries offline and 3,891 people from 46 countries online to discuss efforts and challenges to promote economic recovery after the Corona crisis. Spain, which places a great deal of emphasis on the tourism industry at the national level, was attended by Queen Lettercia and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at the opening and closing ceremonies, respectively, to highlight the meaning of the event to the world.

Regarding the award, Yoo-Hyun Jang, head of the International Cooperation Team of the Corporation, said, “Feel the Rhythm of Korea is highly praised not only for its unprecedented nature, but also for minimizing the psychological impact of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus this year, and enabling a closer feeling of Korean culture. He said, “We expect to lead to demand for visits to Korea in the post-corona era.”