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'Majungmool'(마중물) Sharing Helps Neighbors from Demand for Sponsorship to Donation Organizations!
'Majungmool'(마중물) Sharing Helps Neighbors from Demand for Sponsorship to Donation Organizations!
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A Mental Rehabilitation Facility in Daedeok-gu, Daejeon.
Members, donations to help neighbors to the Jungri-dong Administrative Welfare Center!

Majungmool (Director Gil Dae-hwan), a mental rehabilitation facility in Jungri-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon (Director of Daedeok-gu Health Center, Kim Joo-yeon ), is a mentally disabled joint family and is carrying out projects for mental rehabilitation and social rehabilitation through various activities such as Ilta Ilsaeng mentally disabled baseball team, Whasubun table tennis team, and a walking competition to improve awareness of the mentally disabled.

Majungmul opened the piggy bank that members had collected for a year and visited the Jungri-dong Administrative Welfare Center at 10 a.m. on December 4 to deliver 355,000 won in donations to neighbors in need.

Although Majungmul was restricted from outside activities due to the continued spread of the Corona 19 virus this year, there were continuous support and support from welfare foundations, businesses, and individuals such as Daejeon Social Welfare Community Chest (Chairman Chung Tae-hee), Sharing of Fools (CEO Son Hee-song), Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Namyeong Thermal Facilities (CEO Ham Dae-sik), Na-ho Construction (CEO Gil Dong-hoon), Jung-dong Administrative Welfare Center, Daedeok District Volunteer Center, and Daedong-gu Volunteer Center, and others.

To meet the cherished wishes of these sponsors, the members practiced various projects in the community to recover mental illness, and the members decided to return various sponsorships and support received as members of social welfare facilities to the needy neighbors in the community, thus making them a donor organization.

In early October 2019, Majungmul conducted overseas training for the mentally disabled baseball team at Luang Prabang Zapet Elementary and High School in Laos, a barren land for baseball for eight nights and nine days. And they were already practicing sharing activities by donating all the baseball equipment they took so that local students could have baseball classes in PE class.

"We've been living together in the facility and receiving help from sponsors, and although it's a small amount, we're proud to see our members voluntarily practice sharing and volunteering for our neighbors," said Gil Dae-hwan, who joined the donation ceremony today.

The service sharing activity for the mentally disabled is a movement that members practice every year. We look forward to the participation of those involved in schizophrenia who will work together in the community of Daejeon (☎ 042-582-2337).