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Explore Daejeon in a new concept with Daejeon Story Tour (대전스토리투어) 2020
Explore Daejeon in a new concept with Daejeon Story Tour (대전스토리투어) 2020
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Mr. Ahn Yeo Jong was sharing stories about old zelkova trees which are considered as the village's protectors

Being ran by Daejeon Experience Travel Association and supported by Daejeon Metropolitan City, Daejeon Story Tour is a way that enables you to feel the scent, color, and impression of Daejeon.

With the concept of a story tour, it is a Daejeon travel program that runs more than 70 times from June 13 (Sat) to December 12 (Sat), 2020.

On Dec. 4th, the staff of WalkintoKorea joined a history tour to Mudori Village and experienced a barrier-free deck path at the National Center for Forest Education in Seongbuk-dong under the guidance of tour guide Ahn Yeo Jong. 

The first stop was at Jaddu Village where there are still historical traces like a stone tower and old zelkova trees lined up along the road. 

Stone Tower
Old zelkova trees 
Old zelkova trees

Then, we visited the National Center for Forest Education, the only space in the country that enters the forest by elevator so that anyone can enjoy it.

We also took a walk around the beautiful and peaceful Mudori Village, which reminds anyone, growing up in the countryside, of their childhood.

Before ending the tour, we together enjoyed morning coffee and tea while sharing interesting stories with the company at Cafe Je.R.A which was remodeled from a church. It is also a really unique and green cafe. 

CEO and the staff of WalkintoKorea
CEO and the staff of WalkintoKorea

Daejeon Story Tour is a really refreshing program for those who feel tired of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of visiting popular and crowded tourist attractions, the organizer design tours to uncommon places for a limited number of participants but surely people can get exclusive experiences while exploring deeply the local community in terms of history, lifestyle, etc. In addition, these are also eco-friendly tours that encourage participants to walk and enjoy the peaceful environment, which helps release stress in this tough period. 

More information:

There are four types of Daejeon Story Tour, and the tour time is subject to change depending on the program.

  • Original downtown tour (16 times): Weekdays, weekends (9:30~12:30/13:30~16:30)
  • Early morning healing tour (24 times): Saturdays and Sundays (05:00~08:00) 
  • Night Tour (13 times): Weekdays, Weekends (18:00~21:00)
  • History Tour (19 times): Weekdays, weekends (9:30~12:30/13:30~16:30)