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How to make a fair trip to the village using design thinking?
How to make a fair trip to the village using design thinking?
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This is an example of making a trip for over 1,000 villages globally, created by local people of Sanseong-dong Village.

In Sanseong-dong, Daejeon, which is a place that lags behind urban development, there are several local people having a passionate love for their village. They always want to contribute to the economic development of the village. Ordinary villagers and housewives run flower shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. Especially, they publish their own village newspapers, make village schools, make village trips, and become owners of the city that protects the village. 

Sanseong-dong Dawn Tour with tour guide Ahn Yeo-jong, Daejeon Story Tour

Village Making Conceptualization

During the presentation, Mr. Kang Dae-hoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea, said that the start of the global project is to capture and preserve the history, tradition, and culture of the village. If we add some ICT technology to google map and offer foreign language services to it, it becomes a global village where global citizens can find it. 

Mr. Kang (third person from the left) 

The people of Sanseong-dong invited experts to "create a village" and interviewed people who lived in the area for a long time.

The villagers, including Gi-jeon Lee, a member of the Sanseong Village Newspaper, Commissioner Soo-Nam Oh, and Director Mi-hee Um, visited their village's historic sites. This kind of work made them discover the value of the village. CEO Lee Gi-jeon said that he was inspired by Lee Yong-won who is the representative of Monthly Tomato Magazine published 'Mapping Daejeon'. 

A special exhibition 'Mapping Daejeon' was held by the Daejeon Museum of Art

People in Sanseong-dong have been working on it for a year and gaining the following achievements.

  1.  Issued Sanseong Village Newspaper.
  2. Created a map of the village.
  3. Made a village tour course.
  4. Published a book about village stories.

This prototype should be modified and supplemented through the execution of the program.

This is the creation of a prototype following the sympathy of urban issues, the discovery of problems, and the derivation of ideas in the entire process of design thinking.

2. The next step is to actually gather tourists with the 'Sanseong-dong Village Tour', and make a foreign tour and collect data that responds to it.

3. At the same time, mapping it to google and listing the travel program in TripAdvisor and Walkitntocity.

4. In addition, local people are selected as tour guides to provide education.

By doing it, this simple program will create economic value. Hence, people come to this village, which was not known even in the area, and the shops are well-run, and jobs are generated for local people. Although it is a small town, the local community can communicate with the world and become happy.