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Daejeon City to solve big pending projects this year
Daejeon City to solve big pending projects this year
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Performance of selecting the largest state-funded project ever
Daejeon City Top 10 News of the Year

□ Daejeon City announced the results of the municipal administration settlement of accounts and the direction of next year's municipal administration through the "2020 Municipal administration settlement of accounts Briefing" on the 16th morning.

In particular, this year, it is estimated that the future growth engine has become stronger as it has successfully attracted such big state projects as additional biomedical regulatory free zones and startup parks, including the designation of innovative cities.

Also, the Daejeon Medical Center was exempted from the preliminary feasibility study as a way to strengthen the public health system on behalf of local governments across the country amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Also, citizens' long-cherished projects such as complex development of Daejeon Station area, the relocation of sewage treatment facilities, and the construction of tram lines on the Urban Railway Line 2 that have not been opened for more than a decade will be removed, and the design and construction will begin in earnest from next year.

□ In terms of the local economy, the entire local currency was issued early in May to support small businesses suffering from COVID-19 and used it as a channel for supporting Corona policy funds, with 480,000 subscribers by December, and KRW 693 billion distributed to become a brand product of the local economy.

Also, it has built a donation platform called "Gentleness Sharing," which is all about Daejeon, for the first time in the country, playing a part in strengthening the local community along with the virtuous cycle of the local economy.

□ Following the opening of the 3 trillion won government budget last year, Daejeon City secured 227.9 billion won more this year to secure 3.58 trillion won and secured an additional 198.6 billion won in 31 projects throughout the year.

□ Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung said, "This is the result of 1.5 million citizens, 4,000 public officials, and the media trying to overcome the crisis and turn it into an opportunity.“

However, Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung said, "The construction of the Yoosung Complex Terminal, which has been disappointed by the failure of the project this year, will be carried out as soon as possible. We will conclude that the recent controversial relocation of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to Sejong will meet the citizens' will with unity."