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Digital fashion show 'Hanbok Wave' debuts online
Digital fashion show 'Hanbok Wave' debuts online
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An online fashion show featuring Hanbok (traditional attire) debuted on Dec. 17 as part of a Hallyu promotion project and hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF).

The purpose of "Hanbok Wave" is to promote traditional Korean culture as part of the ministry's project to develop content to promote "new Hallyu." The idea is to develop Hanbok products in collaboration with Hallyu celebrities and well-known figures in culture and arts to allow such items to advance to overseas markets.

About ten leading Hanbok brands including Baek Oak Soo, Hyeon and Hanbok Lynn designed some 100 garments for the show. Appearing at the event were well-known figures in culture and arts including singer Chung Ha, the K-pop girl group Momoland and choreographer of traditional dance Jung Hyo-min.

The ministry said the show features not just popular Hanbok styles but also a new collection presenting a modern interpretation of traditional Korean culture to raise Hanbok's competitiveness on the global market.

In addition, the show has artists from various sectors including K-pop acts, choreographers of traditional dance, artists and taekwondo performers, all of whom worked together as co-producers and helped make, design and promote the products.

KCDF President Kim Tae-hoon said, "Hanbok has recently attracted global attention as K-pop stars like BLACKPINK and BTS wore them on stage. I hope 'Hanbok Wave' can help us confirm Hanbok's potential and the possibility of its success on the world market."

The fashion show can be watched from the fashion cable channel Donga TV, the official YouTube channel of the Hanbok Advancement Center, and Naver V Live. Hanbok outfits featured on the show can be purchased online from next month from

By Kim Yeojin and Yoon Sojung
Photo, Video = Hanbok Advancement Center