THU, JANUARY 21, 2021
Buy books at Daejeon local bookstores in the era of COVID-19.
Buy books at Daejeon local bookstores in the era of COVID-19.
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20% extra cashback in 'Ontong Daejeon’

Daejeon City announced on the 10th that it will push for a 'book cashback payment for revitalizing local bookstores and promoting a reading culture' project, which will receive additional cash bags when purchasing books with Daejeon local currency 'Ontong Daejeon' from the 11th.

Since its launch in October last year, the project has had the effect of sales of local bookstores soaring 4.8 times from before the start of the project, and this year, it was adopted as the No. 1 citizen participation budget and will be promoted again.

Daejeon citizens can earn an additional 20 percent cashback (up to 20,000 won per month) if they purchase books from local bookstores up to 100,000 won when they pay in 'Ontong Daejeon'.

Bookstores that can be covered by this business benefit are registered as bookstores with addresses in Daejeon, excluding large and online bookstores, and can be applied to offline stores for retailing books (including stationery).

Roh Ki-soo, head of the Daejeon Metropolitan Government`s Cultural Contents Division, said, "The book cashback payment project is aimed at resolving the financial difficulties of local bookstores and establishing a culture of reading books. Besides, we plan to run a field trip program that can be experienced at local bookstores, such as reading and cultural lectures", he said.