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Multilingual PR video promotes city of Seoul via robotics expert
Multilingual PR video promotes city of Seoul via robotics expert
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 The Seoul Metropolitan Government on Jan. 14 released a promotional video titled "What makes Seoul a safe city in the post-COVID-19 era?"

The video features Dennis Hong, a world-renowned robotics professor from the University of California-Los Angeles who is also an honorary ambassador of Seoul.

In the video, Hong plays a police officer, a firefighter, and a quarantine officer along with his robots including the soccer-playing DARwIn-OP, BALLU with balloons on its feet, the six-legged SiLVIA, an autonomous delivery robot, and one that acts as a prosthetic hand.

The video comes in English-, Chinese-, Japanese-, Spanish-, German-, French-, Vietnamese-, Arabic-, Russian- and Portuguese-language versions and the city has released them on its Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

This clip will be used as footage to promote the city when it hosts international events and overseas personnel exchanges as well as when it conducts marketing projects abroad.

Kim Dong-kyung, director of the municipal government's City Branding Division, said, "The video underlines an image of Seoul as a safe city that preemptively responds to COVID-19."

"It also conveys the message of a future-oriented global city preparing for the post-COVID-19 and new normal eras.", he added.