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Get ready for Lunar New Year's Day with 'Ontong Daejeon'!
Get ready for Lunar New Year's Day with 'Ontong Daejeon'!
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Expand and reorganize the Ontong Daejeon Mall, giveaway events, official opening of delivery platforms, and discount support

Free delivery of shopping to Naver traditional markets

Daejeon City announced on the 20th that it will hold a Lunar New Year event using Daejeon's local currency 'Ontong Daejeon' for the new year.

Daejeon City will first organize a Lunar New Year gift set exhibition from the 21st to the 14th of next month at 'Ontong Daejeon Mall', an online mall dedicated to the region, and promote prizes and discount coupon events.

Daejeon Metropolitan Government will also provide KRW 10,000 worth of accumulated coupons to 1,000 people through a draw for Ontong Daejeon users all over Ontong Daejeon Mall, and give 5% discount coupons to 50 people on a first-come, first-served basis every day during the period.

'Ontong Daejeon Mall' has built additional PC versions ( and Ontong Daejeon apps from the existing mobile web approach for the Lunar New Year's Day event, greatly improving users' accessibility and enabling nationwide marketing.

It also developed a system that directly settled into Ontong Daejeon to reduce the burden of paying agency fees (3.3%) for small business owners, and added credit cards, bank transfer, Samsung Pay, and Kakao Pay to secure convenience and scalability at the same time.

For the demand of various consumers, it has strengthened its public interest role as a regional online mall by establishing e-coupons used only at franchises in Daejeon and paying 1% of the purchase of products as reserves.

Bursim App, an Ontong Daejeon delivery platform, will also hold a Lunar New Year's Day event on February 1 after officially preparing to open.

During the pilot operation period promoted from Dec. 16, We've secured about 1,000 franchises and diversified the menu, and It improved the operation of the ordering system through continuous training of franchisees.

The 'Bursim App' will be an official opening ceremony and Lunar New Year's event from February 1st to 14th, and it will hold an event to discount 6,000 won if you order more than 10,000 won for 100 orders per franchise.

In the traditional market in the jurisdiction of Naver's neighborhood market, free delivery events were also prepared from the 21st to the 14th of next month.

At the traditional market in Daejeon, which is located in Naver's neighborhood market, a free delivery event was also prepared from the 21st to the 14th of next month.

Naver's neighborhood market is equipped with more than 1,700 products, including Central Market, Yongwoon Market, Munchang Market, Taepyeong Market, Doma Market, Hanmin Market, Songgang Market, and Jungri Market, and delivers fresh and inexpensive traditional market products within two hours of ordering.

However, Naver's payment system is still being linked to the local market, so it is impossible to use Ontong Daejeon for the time being.

Ko Hyun-deok, director of the job economy bureau in Daejeon City, said, "We are trying to make Ontong Daejeon the center of the economic platform and play various roles. We will do our best to make Daejeon reach citizens and small business owners this year as an icon of fairness, co-prosperity, and inclusion."