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NURI-VIEW: Daejeon's leading innovation in public service with AI
NURI-VIEW: Daejeon's leading innovation in public service with AI
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NURI-VIEW (meaning ‘to view and enjoy the world’ in Korean) is an outstanding public information service in Daejeon. It is developed to solve challenges faced by people with disabilities (such as visual impairment, hearing loss) in obtaining information in their everyday life. The system provides information in letters, sounds, and sign language video, enabling people to engage in two-way communication.

NURI-VIEW uses technology that is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It composes of a touchscreen, proximity sensor, gesture recognition camera, and speech recognition equipment. When a user approaches, recorded voice and sign language video from the device asks the type of disability. People with hearing loss or visual impairment can further choose whether they would like the information in sign language or voice, while users without disabilities can also use the device by touching the screen or using their voice. The device also recognizes the face when a person with a wheelchair approaches. It will automatically adjust and lower the touchscreen to the user’s height.

‘NURI-VIEW’, a public service information system for the vision and hearing impaired (Daejeon Metropolitan City)
‘NURI-VIEW’, a public service information system for the vision and hearing impaired (Daejeon Metropolitan City)

NURI-VIEW is a cutting-edge device. Its technology for sign language recognition is used for the first time worldwide. The accuracy is also very high as AI technology used in this device recognizes many types of sign languages. NURI-VIEW also caught public attention in the “2020 Government Innovation Fair,” hosted by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in South Korea.

The local government of Daejeon plans to install NURI-VIEW in Daejeon City Hall and urban subway stations in 2021. The device will provide a list of information about civil affairs service, welfare, passport issue, and facility information for city hall and subway stations, as well as subway schedule and emergency evacuation plans which are frequently inquired by citizens. While using the device, users can scan the Quick Response (QR) code on the screen from their mobile devices to obtain detailed information. The QR code is linked to the official website (related to NURI-BOT) of Daejeon Metropolitan City. NURI-VIEW services would be very useful in public places such as train stations, terminals, hospitals, or libraries where many people pass through.

*NURI-VIEW, NURI-BOT, and Sign Language Video Message Service

For the time being, the local government of Daejeon will start sending text messages to its local people, promoting various public services and local events that the city offers, including the converted sign language video for people with hearing loss.

Daejeon is the leading local government in South Korea that actively uses cutting-edge technology for public services. The city is also upgrading its status as an international science city at the same time.

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