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Incheon airport takes over as busiest in Asia
Incheon airport takes over as busiest in Asia
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Bloomberg on Jan. 21 said Incheon International Airport of Korea had the most travelers in Asia last year. (Screen capture from Bloomberg site)

Incheon International Airport is the busiest airport in Asia for the first time, followed by Hong Kong International Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport.

Bloomberg on Jan. 21 said the Incheon airport processed Asia-high 11.96 million passengers last year.

The U.S. business news service added that Changi came in second with 11.8 million.

Hong Kong's airport, the region's leader in 2019, finished third with 8.84 million, showing an 88% plunge from 2019.

Bloomberg said, ''All three airports handled more than 60 million passengers in 2019, but the pandemic has hit them hard as it scorched demand for travel. Hong Kong and Singapore were affected more than most as they don't have a domestic market to cater to, while transit traffic also slowed due to restrictions on movement.''

The report also mentioned Korea's COVID-19 quarantine measures, saying, ''South Korea took a less stringent approach to contain the virus than Singapore and Hong Kong, keeping its borders relatively open and avoiding lockdowns.'' 

''The government encouraged safe social distancing and made mask-wearing mandatory early on.''