FRI, FEBRUARY 26, 2021
AI-based Sign Language Civil Service Information System ‘NURIVIEW’ official service launch
AI-based Sign Language Civil Service Information System ‘NURIVIEW’ official service launch
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Start customized service for disability on February 3rd, 'Korea Sign Language Day'

Daejeon City has completed the development of the world's first civil service information system (hereinafter referred to as ‘NURIVIEW’) with artificial intelligence (AI)-based sign language recognition technology and announced that the service will begin on February 3rd, Korea Sign Language Day.

‘NURIVIEW’ is an unmanned information terminal equipped with artificial intelligence that provides information on civil complaints and policies of Daejeon City and major subway stations according to the characteristics of people with visual and hearing disabilities.

The existing unmanned information system installed in public facilities was difficult to use for people with visual and hearing disabilities by guiding them based on text, and especially for those with hearing impairments who use sign language as their daily language, there was an inconvenience in fast text decoding.

‘NURIVIEW’ provides information by voice or three-dimensional (3D) sign language video when a person with visual or hearing disabilities asks for civil complaint information by voice or sign language. Also, it is possible to touch the device screen directly, so anyone with or without a disability can use it.

Daejeon City will install NURIVIEW’ in four places in City Hall and two subway stations (City Hall Station, Daejeon Station) to provide civil complaints, passport, welfare information, and subway space and facilities information.

Also, ‘Mobile Sign Language Video Sending Service’ will be launched so that people with hearing disabilities can view civil complaints, announcements, and event information through mobile devices.

"It is very meaningful to show our city's first smart civil service information system ‘NURIVIEW’ to citizens on the first "Korean Sign Language Day," Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-Jung said. "We will continue to implement various policies using advanced technologies to enhance information accessibility for the disabled."