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A Cool Pop-Art Exhibition at Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery (대전신세계겔러리) to Enjoy with Your Family!
A Cool Pop-Art Exhibition at Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery (대전신세계겔러리) to Enjoy with Your Family!
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The pop-art exhibition 'HAPPY POP!' is now being held at Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery from July 13th to August 19th. A perfect place to come with your family!

Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery is holding the pop art exhibition 'HAPPY POP!', which the whole family can enjoy, from July 13th to August 19th to welcome the summer. In this exhibition, 7 Korean pop artists/teams who are active at home and abroad, including Kim Jaeyong, Park Woosung, Shin Changyong, Studio 1750, Artnom, Yoo Eunsuk, and Jang Charles, will participate.

Pop art, well-known in Korea through Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, is a movement of figurative art that began in New York, the USA in the late 1950s. Aiming for anti-art, pop art, which actively embraces the images of popular culture in mass media such as newspapers, TV, movies, advertisements, and cartoons breaks down the dichotomous and hierarchical order and structure of fine art and popular art and transform the reality of industrial society. It is considered to have been drawn into art. In the domestic art world, pop art began to stand out in the early 1980s and started in earnest in the 1990s when Korea entered a high-consumer society. It has developed in a variety of ways, from writers who use everyday items as the material of their work to writers who bring and transform popular characters or create their own characters, to writers who reinterpret folk tales, traditional paintings, and famous paintings.

The first thing that greets visitors in the 'HAPPY POP!' exhibition is a large artwork by Artnom artist installed on the Art Terrace. Artnom's work, which has created unique screens by mixing folk-tale aesthetics and characters created by himself, continues in the gallery. The colorful objects created by Studio 1750 with their own formative language transform the scenery of the Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery during the exhibition period. It sensibly conveys the joy of pop art.

Characters that have captured the hearts of the public across cartoons, animations, and movies have become representative subjects/materials of pop art. Charles Chang, who works based on the graffiti art technique called street art, expressed various emotions with cartoon characters including Taekwon V. It is also a great pleasure to see the reinterpretation of the ‘heroes’ represented by Marvel and DC. Writer Chang-Yong Shin presents a painting work that creates a new story on his own screen by combining and composing a new hero in the movie, while the sculptures of Woo-sung Park and Eun-Seok Yoo are caricatures and transformations of characters familiar to the public, such as 'Iron Man', to create our own story. Show yourself or talk about hope.

In this era when everything can be art, Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery is approaching art one step closer with 'HAPPY POP!', which presents pop art that reminds us that art is no longer solemn and difficult to approach, but is easily accessible. We want to create opportunities to go. In addition, 'HAPPY POP!' will be held at THE ART SPACE 193 observatory to showcase various aspects of pop art to the citizens of Daejeon by holding 'The Observatory's Strange Garden', which presents a series of plants, the new work of artist Eunsuk Yoo, who participates in 'HAPPY POP!'.

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