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Have you ever heard of Golfzone ZOIMARU (골프존 조이마루), the most interesting theme park to spend time with family?
Have you ever heard of Golfzone ZOIMARU (골프존 조이마루), the most interesting theme park to spend time with family?
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ZOIMARU, a golf zone that anyone can enjoy freely, is a theme park like no other in the world that provides a comfortable resting place for the whole family and a pleasant memory!
Behold, ZOIMARU Park - a lovely resting place for children, moms, and dads for the entire family!

Golf Zone ZOIMARU is the first golf theme park in Korea that combines golf, culture, dining, and shopping. It is a "theme park like never before" where the whole family can become one through golf through various cultural facilities and play facilities, improving individual golf skills by grafting the state-of-the-art IT technology of the Golf Zone. Family health and hobbies, shopping, and culture provide the enjoyment of a new and innovative theme park in one place. By creating new spaces, products, and services that combine golf, IT, and culture, we create ‘NEW CULTURE’ that provides novelty, fun, and benefits. A golf zone that creates a new golf culture! Let's find out why it's called "The golf zone for the families", shall we?

ZOIMARU, a golf zone for children

The water playground is open from 11 am to 10 pm on weekdays! On weekends, it is available from 10 am. If you prepare a swimsuit, towel, mat, etc., and go out with them, the kids will love it. After talking with the mother sitting on the chair in the picture, the children really like it, and the water is clean, so this is the third visit. There is a clean shower room right next to it, and there is a kiosk selling drinks and snacks so that you can enjoy it more conveniently.

Also, mini golf, one of the children's entertainment, is located right next to the water playground. It is open from 3 pm to 10 pm on weekdays, and you can enjoy mini golf from 10 am on weekends. There is a separate fee for using mini golf. Individuals can enjoy 5,000 won for three or more people at 3,000 won. If you inquire at the store next door, you can rent golf clubs suitable for children. You can enjoy golf easily and happily with children at a low cost!

ZOIMARU, a golf zone for moms

ART SHOP, which displays and sells various items such as cute bowls, bags, and hats, and Starbucks and Coffee Bay, where you can enjoy fragrant coffee, is located on the first floor. I think it would be nice to have a cup of coffee leisurely while looking at the cute little props and watching the children having fun. It is also recommended to eat cold shaved ice in hot summer.

ZOIMARU, a golf zone for dads

The one and only Golf Zone Market in Daejeon, where you can compare and view various brands in one place, and a friendly professional recommends a club that is right for you through the site. There is. If you are a golfer who is interested in golf, we recommend a visit! It's perfect for spending a summer night with chicken and a beer while looking around the golf zone market and going out to see the European fountain-like hole-in-one square.

And ZOIMARU, a golf zone for families!

On weekends, Snag Golf is played on the lawn. You can participate from 10 am to 8 pm. The lawn plaza made of cozy sheep grass is not only for snag golf but also for picnics by bringing a mat to eat a packed lunch, and various activities such as catch ball, badminton, and soccer are available. It is perfect for the whole family to enjoy as it is possible to do sports other than golf. Enjoy golf with your children and enjoy various sports activities!

The golf zone ZOIMARU is full of fun for the whole family! A happy and comfortable resting space for the entire family. Come to ZOIMARU Park, a pleasant golf zone 365 days a year!

For more information: golfzonzoimaru.co.kr

Golfzone ZOIMARU - 골프존 조이마루

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