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The National Science Museum (국립중앙과학관)'s Moon Exploration Special Exhibition 'Danuri': Open the Door to the Moon...
The National Science Museum (국립중앙과학관)'s Moon Exploration Special Exhibition 'Danuri': Open the Door to the Moon...
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The National Science Museum is holding an inspirational exhibition, 'Danuri' (다누리) until October 3.

The National Science Museum, a landmark of science tourism, will hold the "FLY ME TO THE MOON" to mark the launch of Korea's first lunar probe, 'Danuri'.

The special exhibition will be available at the National Science Museum's special exhibition room from Aug. 2 to Oct. 3.

The launch of Danuri is Korea's first space exploration project to leave Earth and go to the moon, the first gateway to space exploration. It contains the meaning of wishing that the use of Danuri will successfully open the door to Korea's space exploration.

The special exhibition consists of △ Prologue: Seeing the Moon from EarthEfforts to go to space △ Korea's first lunar probe Danuri △ Epilogue: Seeing Earth from the Moon, so that participating visitors can feel the journey to the moon as an astronaut.

In the Prologue, works of art that can give a glimpse into the perception of the moon in the East and the West and famous sayings related to the moon were exhibited, and a photo zone for the moon popular on social media was also prepared.

In 'Efforts to go to Space', the reason why the world is going to the moon again recently and the technology necessary for space exploration, such as launch vehicles and space suits, were introduced. In addition to the space suit worn by Dr. So-yeon Lee, Korea's first astronaut, and hand-printed prints, you can see the moonstone brought by Apollo 17, the only one in Korea that is publicly available.

In Danuri, you can feel the size by placing a real-size photorealistic image along with a 1/3 scale model of the Danuri. In addition, you can see the explanation of the ballistic lunar transition method (BLT method) adopted by Danuri to get to the moon. You can also check where Danuri is actually every day during the exhibition period.

For more information: science.go.kr

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