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5 Irresistible Destinations to Visit in Daejeon
5 Irresistible Destinations to Visit in Daejeon
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With Chuseok as a beginning, the holiday season of the year is here. Daejeon is a great stop for a trip of relaxing yet, exhilarating experience. Here are some of the most attractive places you do not want to miss in the city of arts, cultures, and technology.

1. Shinsegae Art & Science (대전신세계)

Address: 1, Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

Shinsegae Art & Science is one of many cultural heritages in Korea. Along with the Expo Tower, they were established as part of the Expo Re-creation project. As a recently developed project, officially opened on 26 August 2021, it is still very advanced and brimming with modern technology, exquisite arts and luxurious shopping malls, including Daejeon Expo Aquarium (B1), Shinsegae Nexperium, a science playground created with KAIST (6th-7th floor), The Art Space 193 Expo Tower Observation Deck in the 193m Aerial Space (42nd floor). This is a perfect destination for everyone to discover new innovations, enjoy craftsmanship or maybe just for a shopping frenzy. If you are productive, all of them are achievable in this very place.

Shinsegae Art & Science
Shinsegae Art & Science and Expo Tower

2. Uineungjeongi Cultural Street

Address: Jungang-ro 164beon-gil, Eunhaengseonhwa-dong, Jung-gu

If what you are looking for is an entertainment experience, 164, Jungang-ro, Jung-gu Daejeon Uineungjeongi Cultural Street, known as Daejeon Skyroad amongst foreigners, is the suitable venue. This is known as a shopping mecca with over 150 active businesses specializing in street food, fashion, games, and many other enjoyable features. It also possesses a famous Michelin Star property that's only accessible in Daejeon - Sungsimdang (성심당) bakery. Its delicious products have made a name for themselves as a Daejeon specialty. Moreover, the unique name 'Skyroad' represents the LED screens covering the whole area which is also a live feed camera showing the customers walking beneath. Due to its signature qualities, it has become a place of gathering for the young generation and foreigners. 

Daejeon Skyroad - Photo by TripAdvisor
Daejeon Skyroad - Photo by TripAdvisor

3. Ppuri Park (뿌리공원)

Address: 79 Ppurigongwon-ro, Jung-gu

Historical monuments of South Korea have much to offer. Ppuri Park in Daejeon is an educational destination with sculptures symbolizing Koreans family names, showing the people their roots and helping them pay gratitude to their ancestors. It also has many other sights such as Sasindo (사신도) - the paintings of Four Gods - the Azure Dragon of the East (청룡), the Vermilion Bird of the South (주작), the White Tiger of the West(청룡), and the Black Turtle of the North (현무를 함께 그린 그림); Sibijiji (the twelve terrestrial branches)-shaped spring water;  nature observation trail; the arboretum and many more. As a cultural heritage highly related to Korean background, Ppuri Park is the attraction for many holidays including children's day events, provincial friendship tournaments, senior citizen's events, etc. 

Ppuri Park - Photo by Imagine Your Korea
Ppuri Park - Photo by Imagine Your Korea

4. Jangtaesan (장태산) Mountain Forest

Address: 461, Jangan-ro, Seo-gu

For some, traveling is always paired with a long walk, relaxing green colors and fresh air. Jangtaesan Mountain Forest is definitely the place to go for hiking enthusiasts. The mountainous area is seen with exotic landscapes and is covered by tall trees. This would also be an idealistic destination for a family picnic. Autumn in South Korea is always highly anticipated when the sky is blanketed with golden leaves and breezy weather. Nowhere would be more enjoyable than the sight of falling leaves in Jangtaesan Moutain Forest.

Jangtaesan Moutain Forest
Jangtaesan Moutain Forest

5. Daejeon O-WORLD 

Address: 70, Sajeonggongwon-ro, Jung-gu

With children, a vacation would be unfulfilling without theme parks. Daejeon O-WORLD takes pride in a vast area of 682,830 m2 of blessed nature which is the largest facility size in central South Korea. The park consists of 3 main themed areas: 'Zoo Land - having 160 species of 600 animals; 'Flower Land' - with themed landscapes such as Sound Garden, Herb Garden, Rose Garden; 'Joy Land' - filled with exciting entertainment like Giant Drop, Flume Ride, a maze made from trees, etc. The sites are impeccable to enjoy quality family time and take home some memorable moments.

Daejeon O-WORLD - Photo by Imagine Your Korea
Daejeon O-WORLD - Photo by Imagine Your Korea


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