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Korean artist Yang Sook-hee's solo exhibition, "Delivering the Scent" - An amalgamation of ink and color painting
Korean artist Yang Sook-hee's solo exhibition, "Delivering the Scent" - An amalgamation of ink and color painting
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Artist Yang Sook-hee, one of Korea's leading painters, will have her works presented on September 16th at 4 pm. It will be a solo exhibition under the theme of "Delivering the Scent" at the Hangaram Art Museum on the 1st floor of the Seoul Arts Center.
Exhibition Poster


Like the subtitle "The Encounter of Ink Colors and Coloring Paintings," this exhibition presents colors unique to the artist.  As works that express the senses and lines, they are evaluated as the highlight of the first half of the artist's life. Art critic Chanh Kim said, “I paint when I particularly miss the blue sky. For what motive and for what purpose? It's a life that can't be seen without revealing. It expresses the artist's joy, and he wants to fill the world he has experienced with lines and colors on the canvas. is the reflection of impulse." The origin of emotion is expressed as "traces and return". Yang said, "I see myself in the countryside with my father. The latter has a rich musical sensibility and warm emotion. I got the material of my work from my childhood memories and drew a picture from the nostalgia of my father. It is said that the memories with her father greatly influenced her works.

In the art piece of 'Yeosu Night Sea', Yang explained, "I walked the Yeosu night sea with my mother. There is a mysterious scent caught in this wind... We took the car together and look up high. Through the night sky, I met my father's eyes" she said as the longingness of her father showed.

Artwork 'Yeosu Night Sea'

In a short article about 'A Blue Day in July', the artist said "I saw poppies blooming on the island. Four thin petals trembling softly and delicately wobble,” she said, as it unfolded a fragment of her own life on the canvas.

'A Blue Day in July'
Artwork 'A Blue Day in July'


In addition, as in <Yeosu Night Sea>, Artist Yang writes only the stories and emotions she encountered during her travels. She has an excellent ability to express herself in the language of art. Maybe that's why it is intriguing.

Yang is currently the Vice President of the Korea Art Association, the Jongno Art Association, and the Professional Artists Association. She also serves as a director of the Hyundai Korean Painting Association, and as a member of the Gangwon-do Council. It is active in the development of the field of arts and culture. This exhibition will be held from September 17th to September 27th, after the exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum. From September 28th to October 6th, the tour will be held at the Gangwon-do Design Promotion Institute in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do.


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