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2022 Count down with WalkintoKorea!
2022 Count down with WalkintoKorea!
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Top 10 posts made by WalkintoKorea in the year 2022

The year 2022 is coming very close to an end. After a year full of ups and downs,  self-reflection is much needed to improve and grow better. Let's look into WalkintoKorea's past year to see how we made an impact on the city of Daejeon and South Korea as a whole by reviewing 

 1. The 7th UCLG Congress in Daejeon - Science and Technology and Economy City of Korea

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The biggest event of this year in Daejeon must have been the UCLG Congress. Not only did this make Daejeon a center of global discussion and intermediation, it actively bridged the citizens of Daejeon and South Korea in general to a great platform of communication, information and celebration of the modern world. 

Mayor Lee Jang-woo (이장우) and the City of Daejeon did a wonderful job hosting this event, creating a podium for locals, foreigners and officials to fully bring out their ideas and contribute to the city's as well as UCLG's growth.

2. Daejeon Mayor Lee Jang-woo (이장우) successfully become the prospect president of UCLG

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With the satisfying ending of the UCLG Congress in Daejeon, much was expected of Mayor Lee Jang-woo to continue his responsibilities in the UCLG organization as Daejeon has become significantly important on this platform. On the basis of mutual growth and collective partnership of United Cities and Local Governments, they decided upon a collegial Presidency. This means the entire Presidency will be shared amongst all members for a mandate of one year. With great honor, Mayor Lee Jang-woo was elected to be the 4th year President of UCLG Leadership Board, from 2025 to 2026. This is not only meaningful to himself as he is now empowered with a great deal of responsibility, but it also means tremendously relevant to the growth of the City of Daejeon.

3. UCLG announces 'Pact for the Future of Humanity' - Daejeon Declaration(대전선언)

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As UCLG World Congress concluded with great success in Daejeon, many officials from many cities from all over the world had an essential meeting to decide upon their next movement to further make a positive impact, not only on their own cities but also on the world. 
An arrangement was made and 'Pact for the Future of Humanity' was born. This pact addressed the need for globalization and cooperation, especially in times of need such as the post-COVID-19 pandemic. What made it even more special is that it was made right here - in Daejeon.

4. South Korea enter national mourning period after the tragedy in Itaewon District

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Every year has its own ups and downs, but it has been a long while since South Korea faced such a heart-wrenching tragedy like this. A stampede occurred in the overcrowded streets of Itaewon on Halloween night. This incident took away so many young, innocent lives of both South Koreans and foreigners. South Korea as well as the whole world mourned this tragedy.

As of then and until this very moment, we share our deepest condolences, hope that everyone stay safe and hope for the best to the recovering victims.

5. Chungcheong region announced as host of 2027 FISU World University Games Summer

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FISU World University Games is one of the largest sports event that's dedicated to the young generation, aims at boosting morale and preparing future athletes at the university level. After great showcases and a lot of effort to convince the board, the very next FISU World University Games Summer will be held in Chungcheong in 2027. This is great news for sports lovers in South Korea and also will contribute tremendously to the growth of young sports contenders.

6. Busan activities to attract World EXPO 2030

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World EXPO 2030 is a universal event that celebrates the massive changes in the world in new times. With the selected themes of 'Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future', there is no place better than Busan - a city of vast experience and advancement to hold this event.

7. Daejeon City (대전시) holds a briefing session for Vietnamese students

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The relationship between Vietnam and South Korea has been growing really strong. Recently, the city of Daejeon brought the chance to receive education and live in South Korea to bright Vietnamese students, hoping to further strengthen the relationship and create opportunities.

8. SolBridge's (솔브릿지국제대학) Culture Day brought the magic of "Once Upon A Time" to Daejeon

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SolBridge is an international business school in Daejeon crowded with professors and students coming from everywhere around the world. With such diversity, they really managed to deliver the magic of differences and traditions from multiple cultures under the night sky.

 9. Daejeon City Tourism Association (대전광역시관광협회) holds the 49th Tourism Day ceremony (관광의 날 기념식)

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After the tedious 2 years of battling COVID-19, South Korea has finally seen some recovery. At the center of Daejeon, a convention was held by professionals and progressive thinkers on how to renovate the Tourism of the city and celebrate the closing end of the pandemic.

10. Request for cooperation in reporting on the 2022 DMZ International Peace March

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Sometimes, it is the movement of the people that make the most impact. On the request for cooperation in 2022 DMZ International Peace March, the people of South Korea truly left some great impression as well as ideas on promoting peace and love throughout the globe.

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