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Networking Day for Exporting Goodtrae (굿뜨래) Agricultural Specialties in Buyeo County
Networking Day for Exporting Goodtrae (굿뜨래) Agricultural Specialties in Buyeo County
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Buyeo County, under the leadership of Mayor Park Park Jung Hyun (박정현), organized a remarkable event on June 22, 2023, aimed at expanding the export of its renowned agricultural brand, Goodtrae. The event, held at Buyeo County Office, brought together export agencies, associations, and businesses in a networking day filled with engaging discussions, delectable tastings, and insightful visits to local farms.
Networking Day for Exporting Goodtrae (굿뜨래) Agricultural Specialties in Buyeo County

The primary objective of this event was to establish a robust support network for exporting Buyeo County's agricultural products and to accelerate the growth of its export industry. Goo Gi-hong(구기홍), the esteemed Managing Director of Goodtrae, expressed his gratitude to the participating organizations, groups, and companies, acknowledging their global networks and seeking their collaboration to drive Buyeo's export endeavors to new heights.


Buyeo County has long been recognized for its exceptional agricultural offerings, boasting a range of highly competitive products such as mushrooms, watermelons, tomatoes, melons, and chestnuts. The region's expertise in agricultural production techniques and efficient facility operations has positioned Buyeo as a leading agricultural city. In a significant milestone, Buyeo County recently signed a groundbreaking agreement with Namangan Province in Uzbekistan to establish the "K-Goodtrae Agricultural Specialization Zone". This pioneering initiative involves a 49-year lease of an expansive 1,000-hectare plot of land, equivalent to 1,400 football fields, for the production of tomatoes, potatoes, and other crops. Not only does this strategic partnership lay the foundation for Korean agriculture's foray into the European market, but it also serves as a proactive response to the global food crisis.

"Buyeo County is exporting not only agricultural products but also agricultural management, including production methods and facility operations, accumulated by Buyeo as the leading agricultural city."

The event witnessed the presence of influential participants who shared their perspectives on enhancing Buyeo's agricultural exports. Mr. Park Byung-nam (박병남), the esteemed policy advisor of Buyeo County, emphasized that Buyeo's export initiatives encompass not only agricultural products but also encompass comprehensive agricultural management practices, including innovative production methods and efficient facility operations. He further highlighted the significance of the agreement with Namangan Province, citing it as an essential step in establishing a strong foothold for Korean agriculture in Europe and effectively addressing global food challenges.


Mr. Ju Yong-je, the esteemed CEO of Namseon Jitiel, emphasized the importance of meticulous export preparations for each product to enhance Buyeo's global market share. Recognizing the outstanding quality of Goodtrae, he stressed the need for thorough export planning to ensure its prominence in the international market.


Furthermore, the event witnessed an inspiring commitment from Mr. KHABIBULLO Djabbarov, the esteemed CEO of Halal Trade, who pledged to support Buyeo's exports by leveraging the distribution network in Uzbekistan and connecting it with Buyeo County's exceptional agricultural products.


The event was skillfully organized by the Global Export-Import Cooperative, led by CEO Kang Dea-hoon. Mr. Kang emphasized the critical role of Buyeo County's proactive administrative measures in revitalizing the local economy through exports and agricultural expansion. He underscored the importance of sharing Buyeo's success story worldwide, particularly in addressing climate change challenges.

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