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Seodaejeon High School Alumni Association “Culture Day”
Seodaejeon High School Alumni Association “Culture Day”
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Seodaejeon High School Alumni Association (Chairman Park Seung-ho) watched a movie on Culture Day again this year, following last year. This movie viewing was well-received, with about 430 students from Seodaejeon High School and 150 alumni family members watching the movie together.

The movie this time was “Noryang,” which was screened at the Megabox Daejeon branch (Tanbang-dong). Students and staff watched it during the day, and alumni and family enjoyed watching it at 7:30 PM, after work hours.

The Seodaejeon High School Alumni Association is planning events in 2024 to allow students to experience various cultures, such as watching movies and baseball. Park Seung-ho, president of Seodaejeon High School Impulse Changhoe (10th session), said, “I hope that many alumni and students will participate in raising alumni awareness and creating a stronger bond among alumni”.

For the prestigious Seodaejeon High School to become the best in Daejeon and the best in the country, the Alumni Association is showing its capability. 

Seodaejeon High School's Alumni Association held many events with families to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school's opening last year and is planning various events in 2024 as well.

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