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Kkumneri English Festival 2024, a Prestigious Private Dream Kindergarten
Kkumneri English Festival 2024, a Prestigious Private Dream Kindergarten
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On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, an English Festival was held at KKumneri Kindergarten(꿈내리유치원), a prestigious private kindergarten (Seo-gu, Daejeon). Kkumneri Kindergarten is known as one of the prestigious private kindergartens in Korea.

The Kkumneri Kindergarten English Festival is a representative event that has been held at the annually since 2014. The subjects were songs, dances, and presentations in English for all grade students from ages 5 to 7. Notably, the event is conducted in English in local cities in native Korean-speaking countries. In addition to the English festival, this kindergarten library listens to native English broadcasts before starting class in the morning for children's education in the global era.

Director Yang Young-ja, a Ph.D. in pedagogy and a recipient of the National Medal of Merit, runs Kkumneri Kindergarten with a firm educational philosophy and passion for holistic education. This kindergarten operates various educational programs such as swimming, golf, reading, and robot coding classes for all students for the first time in Daejeon. In addition, etiquette education is provided to cultivate filial piety in grandparents and parents.

Director Yang Young-ja stated, "The effort and accomplishment that children and teachers practiced together for several months for public presentations are of great significance in cultivating children's confidence."

Kim Yeon-hee, Kang Yu-jin’s mom, expressed her gratitude by saying, "I was able to happily send my son with no worry because I could feel the love from the teachers at this kindergarten." Dreaming Kindergarten is known as a prestigious private kindergarten in Korea.

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