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K-Water (한국수자원공사) started discussions to ensure sustainable water resources
K-Water (한국수자원공사) started discussions to ensure sustainable water resources
  • K-Water (한국수자원공사)
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On March 13th, The K-Water (CEO Yoon Seok-dae 윤석대) celebrated World Water Day at its headquarters in Daejeon with the present of experts and academics to present assignments and discuss to develop sustainable water resource technology.

K-Water (한국수자원공사) started discussions to secure sustainable water resources
K-Water (한국수자원공사) started discussions to ensure sustainable water resources

Due to recent climate change, frequent floods and droughts have made water management more difficult than usual, this event is hold with the prupose to discuss the direction of development of technology to secure as many available water resources and to add stability to the water supply.

There were more than 100 people attended the event, including Jang Byung-hoon, head of the Water Resources Environment Division of the K-Water. The event showed the innovative technologies owned by the corporation and expert also shared their own opinions.

Innovative technologies include future water supply and demand analysis models based on past data and digital twin water management platforms that predict virtual reality of water disaster situations. During discussion, various opinions were also presented, including the possibility of introducing generative AI that has the authority to make decisions as well as self-learning.

At the event, Jang Byung-Hoon, head of the water resources and environment division at the K-Water, stated his thoughts, “As a public corporation specializing in water, we plan to expand exchanges between expert groups to lead the digital transformation of the water sector in response to the climate crisis,” he added, We will do our best to supply stable water by discovering additional super-gap technologies such as the digital twin water management platform by reflecting the opinions presented today as much as possible

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