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Seodaejeon High School (서대전고등학교 ) Alumni Family Hanmaum Festival
Seodaejeon High School (서대전고등학교 ) Alumni Family Hanmaum Festival
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Seodaejeon High School embraces the world and moves forward to the future.

Daejeon's prestigious Seodaejeon High School (principal Kang Hyun-joo) celebrates its 51st anniversary this year. Therefore, on April 13th, the Alumni Family Hanmaum Festival will be held at Dosol Gymnasium in Seo-gu, Daejeon with rich and substantial programs following last year's various events.

Organized by Seodaejeon High School's alumni association, the event was prepared for friendship and unity between alumni for a good time with their families, and I hope it will be a venue for harmony for all alumni who graduated from Seodaejeon High School, Chairman Park Seung-ho stated his expression.


Since its opening, Seodaejeon High School has fostered 22,000 graduates and has fostered talented people from all walks of life, making it recognized as a representative private school in the region. In the 2024 National Assembly election, four candidates are making strong steps to become champions in their respective positions. To encourage these alumni candidates, it is said that on March 16, 2024, the alumni association visited each candidate's camp.

The Hanmaum Festival will be a venue for harmony in which not only for alumni but also for their families to participate altogether. Many alumni are looking forward to it as they are also planning a celebration performance by Choi Young-chul, a trot singer from Seo-gu. The alumni association is planning a wonderful preparation to repay the expectations of these alumni.

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