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Buyeo-gun Goodtrae (부여군 굿뜨래) was awarded the National Brand Award for 13 years in a row!
Buyeo-gun Goodtrae (부여군 굿뜨래) was awarded the National Brand Award for 13 years in a row!
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Accounting for 48.5% national brand awareness and KRW 392.9 billion for brand monetary value, Goodtrae was proven to be the most impactful brand in the country!

On April 3rd, the 2024 Korea National Brand Awards was held at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Buyeo-gun (Chungcheongnam-do) was selected as the first place in the agricultural product co-brand category and won the grand prize for 13 consecutive years as a local government brand.

Hosted by the New York Festival, one of the world's three major international advertising festivals, the Korea National Brand Awards is directly evaluated by consumers based on items such as brand awareness, representation (brand identity), satisfaction, loyalty, and global competitiveness.

Developed in 2003 with the aspirations of the county residents to actively respond to the rapidly changing market environment, Goodtrae has approved the use of the joint brand every two years for management that has finally passed strict screening standards such as farming experience, self-quality management, production facilities, distribution conditions, and external credit rating among agricultural special products produced in Buyeo-gun, aiming at the value of "good products for good fields." So far, there are 694 organizations have been granted the right to use Goodtrae and share their brand value.

Mr. Kang Deahoon (강대훈), CEO of Walkinto Korea, also stated his thoughts on this event, “I would like to express my heartful congratulations for Goodtrae on earning such an impressive prize for 13 years in a row!,” Mr. Kang continued, "I also believe that as a local government brand, Goodtrae is the most prestigious brand for producing agricultural products all over South Korea. However, Goodtrae brand promotion should be globally boosted more into the global market for better brand awareness”.

Mr. Park Jung-hyun (박정현), the head of Buyeo County, shared his aspiration, "We are thankful for the support of Buyeo county residents,  including farmers who produce Goodtrae products, and consumers who trust products that Goodtrae was able to win this national brand grand prize for 13 years in a row" he added, "2024 is a meaningful year for Goodtrae to mark its 20th anniversary, and we will re-establish the value of our brand with its historical and identity and make it the first year to leap forward as a global Goodtrae that continues for 100 years through stable production of high-quality products".

Moreover, the brand is also actively pushing to establish itself as a global Korean Wave brand as well as Korea by opening a specialized Goodtrade store overseas, expanding export channels through the creation of a specialized complex, and distributing advanced technologies.

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