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K-Buyeo Goodtrae (K-부여 굿뜨래): Advanced Agricultural Technology Successfully Exported to Uzbekistan
K-Buyeo Goodtrae (K-부여 굿뜨래): Advanced Agricultural Technology Successfully Exported to Uzbekistan
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Successful cultivation of seed potato mass production technology, shortened cultivation period by 6 months based on patented technology

Along with the creation of the K-Buyeo Good Trae Agricultural Specialty Complex, Buyeo County's overseas agricultural resource development project announced that the seed potato technology transfer project with Namangan Province (Uzbekistan) is being smoothly promoted.

According to the military, in December last year, Nanum F&B Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Hwa-soo) signed a technology transfer agreement for the mass production of sterile seed potatoes to create the K-Buyeo Goodtrae Potato Seed Specialty Complex with Yanggikorugon County (Namangan Region, Uzbekistan).

Goodtrae Potato Seed Specialty Complex

Currently, experts have gone to the Uzbekistan Agricultural University Research Institute to cultivate potato seedlings and have begun the first planting process to produce basic species (G1).

The government of Uzbekistan is said to have approved the establishment of an agricultural university branch in Yangikorugan County and is showing its will to support the establishment of the K-Buyeo Guttrae Seed Potato Specialty Complex by reflecting the budget. In June of last year, military officials, including Governor Park Jeong-hyun, visited Namangan Province, Uzbekistan and signed an agreement on the creation of the K-Buyeo Goodtrae Agricultural Specialty Complex.

This contract is significant in that it is an agricultural technology export contract in which the technology transfer fee for our advanced agricultural technology is guaranteed and full support is provided, including the living expenses of dispatched personnel, and sales of at least $14 million per year based on 1,000 hectares are expected.

Buyeo County Governor Park Jeong-hyun stated, “Despite the difficult conditions, we have high expectations that we will achieve the first results of the K-Buyeo Guttreae Agricultural Specialty Complex, which is Buyeo County’s overseas agricultural resource development project” He added, “For example, if a natural disaster or disaster appears in our country, we will use seed potatoes that produced in Uzbekistan. We are expected to contribute to resolving the military’s supply shortage by prioritizing supply”.


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