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Air Premia expands skyway through interline
Air Premia expands skyway through interline
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  • An interline agreement with Korean Air, sale of connecting flight tickets departing from the Americas from the 27th
  • Scheduled to sign an interline agreement with Alaska Airlines in the first half of the year

SEOUL, South Korea, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Hybrid airline Air Premia (CEO Yoo Myung-sub, Moon Bo-kook) announced on the 27th that it has signed an interline agreement with Korean Air and will begin selling connecting tickets for flights departing from the Americas.

Air Premia expands skyway through interline agreement with Korean Air, sale of connecting flight tickets departing from the Americas from the 27th.

Interline is a form of partnership in which a specific airline sells another airline's operating routes in conjunction with its own operating routes. Customers who use interline can purchase sections operated by multiple airlines with one ticket and use it conveniently without checking in or baggage claim when transferring, and airlines can expand routes and attract transfer passengers.

Through this interline agreement, Air Premia passengers departing from the Americas (New York, LA, San Francisco) will be able to purchase a single ticket by combining Korean Air flights when traveling to Southeast or Northeast Asia via Incheon. Interline tickets are sold through travel agencies.

Air Premia's flights departing from New York can be connected to eight routes of Korean Air, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Flights departing from LA are connected to four routes including Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, and Singapore via Incheon, and San Francisco, which newly launched on May 17, is connected to the Incheon-Singapore route.

Meanwhile, Air Premia plans to complete an interline agreement with Alaska Airlines, the 5th largest airline in the United States, within the first half of the year. Once the interline partnership with Alaska Airlines is concluded, the convenience of travel will increase as passengers will be able to use 110 U.S. domestic routes and transfer flights to 6 Central and South American countries, including Mexico and Costa Rica.

Through the interline, Air Premia stated that the company is now able to provide a wider range of connecting flights to the passengers and will continue to expand skyway by increasing partnerships with major airlines.

About Air Premia

Air Premia, the only long-haul specialized airline in South Korea, operates on the philosophy of being a "beloved airline that provides high-quality services with only the essentials" and offers premium services comparable to full-service carriers (FSCs) at reasonable prices.

Since commencing its first international flights in July 2022, Air Premia has rapidly established itself by flying to destinations such as Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, and Narita. Notably, it operates long-haul routes that low-cost carriers (LCCs) typically do not cover, all while maintaining a competitive edge in pricing compared to FSCs. This aligns well with the current trend of "value-for-money travel." Starting from May 17th, Air Premia also began flights to San Francisco in the United States.

To book your flight or discover more about Air Premia, please visit https://www.airpremia.com/kr/en.

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact Seungshin Park, Leader of PR Team, Air Premia, ss.park@airpremia.com.

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