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Foreign ambassadors share kimchi-making attempts on social media
Foreign ambassadors share kimchi-making attempts on social media
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The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) on Feb. 22 said the embassies of Hungary, Denmark and Belgium in Seoul shared videos and photos of their ambassadors making kimchi with family and staff.

KOCIS had earlier asked 58 embassies in the capital with which it has cooperative relations if they would be interested in a do-it-yourself kit to make kimchi for marking Seollal (Lunar New Year). Eighteen embassies accepted the offer including those of the U.S., Kuwait, Denmark, Hungary and Belgium.

The KOCIS-provided kits contained a whole pickled cabbage and seasonings for easy mixing.

Danish Ambassador Einar Jensen
(Screen capture from Danish Embassy in Korea's Instagram account)

Danish Ambassador Einar Jensen on Feb. 4 posted a photo and a video of his kimchi-making experience with the kit, saying the paste's spiciness requires caution not to get it in the eyes.

"I love kimchi's taste and look forward to tasting it after (letting it rest for) a week," he added. 

The ambassador also requested recommendations for the best food to pair kimchi with. Global users from countries such as Korea, Denmark and Canada suggested bossam (sliced pork), floskesteg (Danish roast pork), boiled sweet potatoes and dubu (tofu).

The Belgian Embassy in Seoul on Feb. 10 released photos of its staff's kimchi-making experience on the embassy's Facebook page, saying, "The embassy had a wonderful time creating unity among staff as well as promoting the traditional Korean food kimchi to those with no experience with it."

Photo: Embassy of Belgium in Seoul (Facebook)

Kuwaiti Ambassador Bader Mohammad Al-Awadi also sent a letter of appreciation with a gift set of high-end green tea in appreciation for the kit.

KOCIS Director Park Jung-Youl said, "Introducing the Korean culture of making and sharing kimchi to embassies in Korea is very meaningful," adding, "We plan to create more opportunities to promote kimchi to the world." 

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