TUE, APRILL 13, 2021
Daedong Sky Park, Dong-gu District, Daejeon, Spring Flower Blooms.
Daedong Sky Park, Dong-gu District, Daejeon, Spring Flower Blooms.
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Eight honorary heads of the district... Spring flowers planted around Daedong Sky Park
Daedong Sky Park  (Photo by Dong-gu District)
Daedong Sky Park (Photo by Dong-gu District)

Dong-gu District, Daejeon (District Mayor Hwang In-ho) announced on the 15th that the third honorary head of the district visited Daedong Sky Park to plant spring flowers for the new spring.

At the event, honorary heads of the district office received reports from related business officials on the progress of the expansion project of Daedong Sky Park, which is scheduled to be carried out by the end of 2024, and planted 700 spring flowers such as pansy, viola, and daisy.

In particular, beyond the spring flowers that bloomed at the top of Sky Park, the Daejeon Station Area Development Project and various residential environment improvement projects, which are expected to revitalize the depressed original city, were vividly unfolded.

Hwang In-ho, Mayor of Dong-gu District, who attended the event with honorary heads of the district, said, "Our Dong-gu District is now blowing pleasant changes, such as the designation of an innovative city and a special urban convergence zone," adding, "I hope that laughter will bloom in the hearts of our residents who are depressed by COVID-19 while watching the spring flowers planted today.“

Meanwhile, Daedong Sky Park was selected as a 'strong potential tourist destination' and 'a tourist destination for intensive promotion' by the Korea Tourism Organization in 2019. Also, tourists are constantly visiting as a nationwide tourist destination as it is included in the '100 Night Tours'.