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Hospitality Investors Expecting a ‘Significant Improvement’ in Economic Conditions Ahead According to Questex’s Hospitality Insights’ Investor Sentiment Assessment
Hospitality Investors Expecting a ‘Significant Improvement’ in Economic Conditions Ahead According to Questex’s Hospitality Insights’ Investor Sentiment Assessment
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LONDON, May 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hospitality Insights, the industry’s trusted investment and development news platform from Questex, has released the Q1 2021 results of the quarterly Investor Sentiment Assessment in collaboration with ABP Invest. Hospitality Insights provides deal-makers with the latest information on trends and opportunities and is the official news arm of top global hospitality conferences, including; The Annual Hotel Conference, The International Hospitality Investment Forum and The Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum.

The assessment was launched at the start of the pandemic in an effort to monitor buyer and seller sentiment during a time where tracking investors’ appetites became more crucial than ever. The data captures overall proportions of dry powder in hospitality, interest and allocation in various investment segments, regions, and asset classes, yield expectations, potential threats, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

“The sharp improvement in Investor sentiment for Hospitality is best depicted by the difference between those who expected an improvement versus those who expected a deterioration. During the inaugural Quarterly assessment amidst the Covid crisis in March 2020 that difference was 14%; this increased to 30% in Q3’20, 40% in Q3’20 and to 69% in Q1’21.   Furthermore, in our latest Assessment, 75% of investors have a Positive sentiment on Hospitality for the ensuing 12 months compared to 18% Neutral and 6% Negative,” said Thanos Papasavvas, CFA, Founder & CIO, ABP Invest.

This quarter’s findings provide a bit of relief as we head further into 2021. Investors are expecting a ‘significant improvement’ in economic conditions over the next 12 months doubled from 21% at the end of last year to 40% in Q1 2021. In addition, 75% of all investors now have a ‘positive’ or ‘strongly positive’ investment sentiment for the hospitality industry.

"We are delighted with this fifth quarterly assessment, providing a unique insight within the hospitality industry, capturing investor sentiment and thought. The shifting trends of investment opportunities, the yield expectations across investment types and the latest concerns on the industry (beyond economic uncertainty) are all valuable insights. Furthermore, a new question capturing a snapshot on ESG – who’s actually taking it seriously and who is paying lip service?” says Papasavvas.

Over the course of the past 14 months, the assessment was only open to a select group of investors that actively attend the Questex portfolio of hospitality events and provide a healthy representation of the entire hospitality investment ecosystem; including institutional investors, private property owners, family offices, private equity and high net worth individuals. As the investor pool grows, Questex will be opening up submissions to vetted investors who wish to participate and in turn, have the opportunity to debrief with fellow contributors on the findings. Those interested can complete this brief form.

The Q2 assessment will open in just a few weeks. Sign up for Hospitality Insights’ newsletters here to stay up to date and follow the company page on LinkedIn here.

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