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World famous attractions themed sky train is operated in Daegu
World famous attractions themed sky train is operated in Daegu
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On May 17th, the Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation announced that the line 3 world-themed train will be operated to comfort people during the pandemic period as they cannot freely travel like before. 

The world-themed train consisting of three cars runs 14 times on weekdays and 18-20 times on weekends and holidays. Anyone can enjoy the themed train at a public transportation fare of 1250 won if the operating time is well matched.

The inside and outside of the train are decorated with images of 30 popular travel destinations around the world. In addition, each car of the train is differentiated into European, Asian, and American regions. 

A separate LCD monitor (12 units) was also installed, allowing passengers to meet overseas attractions through video. Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation's President Seung-Hwal Hong said, "I hope that the World Theme Train can revitalize the lives of citizens exhausted due to COVID-19". 

This sky train in Daegu is decorated with unique themes from time to time. During 2019, the entire train was decorated with the Golden Pig theme because according to the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the "Year of the Golden Pig". It also used to apply the concept of favorite cartoon characters for children. 


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