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The trip to Daejeon begins at Travel Lounge
The trip to Daejeon begins at Travel Lounge
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Daejeon Travel Lounge runs various travel programs and experience programs.
Daejeon Travel Lounge
Daejeon Travel Lounge

Located in the original city center of Daejeon, Daejeon Travel Lounge provides comprehensive travel services such as tourist information, reservations for travel packages, and ticket sales.

The Travel Lounge, a four-minute walk from Daejeon Station, provides comprehensive travel services for tourists and has employees who can speak English, Chinese, and Japanese to provide the best travel information to domestic and foreign visitors.

It serves as a one-stop tourist mecca for citizens and tourists visiting Daejeon to provide various information and services needed for travel.

Daejeon Travel Lounge
Daejeon Travel Lounge

To help domestic and foreign tourists enjoy the trip more conveniently and frugally, it will guide and sell travel products such as Daejeon Tour Pass and City Tour, and provide various convenience services such as booking train tickets and storing luggage.

To induce memories of Daejeon travel and revisit, it also operates a tourist souvenir shop that sells excellent products from local companies.

Travel programs include a cultural tour commentator's accompanying tour of the original city center, a trip to memories in school uniforms, and a life shot tour.

Experience programs include 'Daejeon Scent is Good', 'Coloring Postcards at Daejeon Contactless Tourist Site' and 'Travel Lounge Culture Concert'.

For inquiries, call 042-221-1905.