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Participate in the 21st Fire Prevention Children's Yard
Participate in the 21st Fire Prevention Children's Yard
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Participate in 4th-5th grade elementary school, get registered on the website.
Daejeon Fire Headquarters
Daejeon Fire Headquarters

Daejeon Fire Headquarters (Director Chae Soo-jong) announced on the 4th that it will hold the 21st Fire Prevention Children's Yard to foster children's basic knowledge on fire and other life safety.

The event is hosted by the National Fire Agency, Daejeon Fire Headquarters, and the Korea Fire Insurance Association, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and 11 domestic general insurance companies, and participants are grade 4 to 5 elementary school students nationwide.

Applications can be made on a class-by-class basis on the Fire Protection Association's website ( by June 18.

All participating children will be provided with a Guide to Fire Prevention. After learning the textbook, the final award class will be decided through the national finals evaluation on October 6 after the preliminary evaluation in Daejeon on September 15.

The Daejeon Metropolitan Mayor Award and the Daejeon Chungcheong Branch of the Fire Protection Association Award will be awarded to classes that have performed well in the preliminary evaluation. The final evaluation will include the Minister of Education Award, the Minister of the Interior and Safety Award, the National Fire Agency Award, and the Korean Fire Protection Association Chairman Award.

"It is most effective to establish a safety culture by continuously repeating systematic learning and training since childhood," said an official at Daejeon Fire Headquarters. "We will do our best to spread the safety culture to our society through early safety education for children.“

Details are available on the website of Daejeon Fire Headquarters ( For other inquiries, contact ▲ Daejeon Fire Headquarters 270-6143 ▲ Dongbu Fire Station 270-1321 ▲ Dunsan Fire Station 270-1421 ▲ Daedeok Fire Station 270-1521 ▲ Yuseong Fire Station 270-1621 ▲ Seobu Fire Station 270-1721