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Visit The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Daejeon
Visit The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Daejeon
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Pho Chu Bong Restaurant is a very famous Vietnamese restaurant in Daejeon.
Let's join us to try Vietnamese food at this place!

To say that you will fill your palate when you come to Korea is an understatement. Yes, Korea is very famous for its traditional cuisine and also its culinary culture. But not only that, this country also has a variety of other cuisines that converge here, especially from Asia and the Middle East. Today, we visited a very famous Vietnamese restaurant in the Jung-gu district of beautiful Daejeon, "Pho Chu Bong - 쭈봉쌀국수" Restaurant.

WalkintoKorea Staff really enjoys the Vietnamese beer "Bia Saigon"

The restaurant is called Pho Chu Bong (쭈봉쌀국수) and is most famous for its Pho. Pho is a traditional and famous dish in Vietnam, originating from the capital city of Hanoi.
The restaurant has two Pho dishes: Beef Pho and Chicken Pho. Today we try Chicken Pho. If you've been to Vietnam, you'll find Chicken Pho here very similar to the standard flavor in the North. The broth is very clear but rich in flavor, very frugal but not greasy. It is also served at a reasonable price (6,000\ - 8,000\).

Chicken Pho at Pho Chu Bong Restaurant

An employee also tried the Bun Dau Mam Tom here. This dish is a combination of noodles, tofu, and shrimp sauce. In addition, Bun Dau Mam Tom is served with accompanying vegetables like marjoram, mint, etc. Shrimp paste is a "specialty" of Vietnamese cuisine. For foreign tourists, the first time to enjoy shrimp sauce will feel uncomfortable but enjoy and then see the unique taste of this street food. Although the served dish does not have all of the traditional ingredients, because some are hard to find in Korea, it still has a rich and delicious taste. The dipping sauce may smell bad to some people who are not used to the dish, but once you taste it, its taste will leave you with a strong impression. That is also the main flavor that makes this unique dish.

Bun Dau Mam Tom at Pho Chu Bong Restaurant [Photo credit: Tracy Nguyen]

We also tried two spring rolls and Bun Cha. Bun Cha is made of rice vermicelli; slices of seasoned pork belly; a mountain of fresh herbs and salad greens; and last but not least, medallions of minced pork swimming in a bowl brimming with a fish sauce-based broth. Both dishes have impressed the diners with delicious fish sauce along with hot and crispy spring rolls.

Bun Cha at Pho Chu Bong Restaurant [Photo credit: Tracy Nguyen]

The restaurant also serves delicious Vietnamese desserts. We ate Che Thai, a Vietnamese sweet dessert with jellied ingredients, tropical fruits, and coconut cream, which is very famous in Da Nang. Che Thai can be a bit difficult for many people to eat because of the taste of durian, but we recommend that you try it with durian, because this is a wonderful fruit with a unique flavor that you will not be able to forget. And when combined in Che Thai, it creates a dessert that you will have to admire because of its amazing taste. The restaurant also serves a lot more kind of desserts, such as Che Buoi (grapefruit sweet gruel), Che Dua (coconut sweet gruel), Che Dau Xanh (mung bean sweet gruel), etc. To try these desserts, you can also visit Che Phuong to buy online and the desserts will be delivered within 1 day.

Vietnamese Desserts "Che"

Moreover, the restaurant also sells food and spices that Vietnamese people use every day to cook. If you want to try making your own Pho, I recommend that it's complicated to make, but all the ingredients you need can be found here.

The restaurant is also decorated very bright with Vietnamese symbols, rustic objects familiar to Vietnamese people. When entering the restaurant, you will feel a space very different from the outside. It feels like being taken to a restaurant in Vietnam.

The restaurant located near the Sky Road in Eunhaeng-dong (은행동), outside of Chungang Market (중앙시장), very easy to be found.