Geumsan County: National Broadcasting of Ginseng Promotion CF starring Jeon Hye-bin
Geumsan County: National Broadcasting of Ginseng Promotion CF starring Jeon Hye-bin
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Terrestrial broadcasting from the 6th. Expect to boost ginseng consumption.

Actress Jeon Hye-bin will be a model for promoting Geumsan ginseng. According to Geumsan-gun, a promotional video of Geumsan Insam, starring Jeon Hye-bin, will air from the 6th.

Jeon Hye-bin is acting as the second daughter who owns an independent and warm personality in KBS weekend drama "Okay Sisters." She is recognized for her acting ability by trying to change her image from a healthy female warrior image to a just and smart woman.


Jeon Hye-bin appears as an actress who confidently pulls off various characters in the Geumsan Ginseng promotional video. Along with thorough self-management, she will show how to eat and drink Geumsan ginseng for immunity.

That CF plans to be exposed 1,261 times by October through national networks such as terrestrial broadcasting.


"This is the first time that Geumsan ginseng CF is broadcasted nationwide," said Moon Jung-woo, governor of Geumsan County. We expect Jeon Hye-bin's healthy charm to help promote Geumsan ginseng.“

Geumsan, which boasts a clean natural environment, is the last stop of Goryeo ginseng and the collection of ginseng across the country, which accounts for 70 percent of the nation's ginseng trade. Geumsan-gun expects the first nationwide CF to be a catalyst for raising the status of Geumsan ginseng and promoting ginseng consumption. The CF video, which shows Jeon Hye-bin's charm, meets viewers through terrestrial broadcasting from 6th to October 31st.

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