The 19th World Korean Business Convention to be held in Seoul
The 19th World Korean Business Convention to be held in Seoul
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19th World Hansang Convention

The Overseas Koreans Foundation (Chairman Kim Sung-gon) announced that The 19th World Korean Business Convention will be held by changing from Daejeon to Seoul.

The 19th World Korean Business Convention was originally scheduled to be held at Daejeon Convention Center from October 19 (Tuesday) to 21 (Thursday) this year but was canceled by Daejeon City due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been expanding and increasing. The new venue for The 29th World Korean Business Foundation has recently been set at Seoul Lotte Hotel World.

Accordingly, the Overseas Korean Foundation decided to proceed with the overall program and the period excluding the venue changed through a meeting with the Overseas Korean Economic Network.

The World Association said it would make efforts to prepare well for the rest of the year and successful competition, although it was not held in the region due to Corona's influence to tour the region through local companies' overseas sales, overseas advancement, and local governments' investment attraction.

In this competition, various programs, such as ▲ on-site showroom ▲ one-to-one business meeting ▲ company IR ▲ seminar ▲ investment attraction briefing ▲ on-site interviews for youth recruitment at Hansang companies will be held online and offline.

Participation registration for the competition is available through Hansang Net ( until September 30 in Korean time, and due to Corona 19, on-site registration is not accepted. Applications for one-on-one business meetings and on-site showrooms will also be made at the same time, and for on-site showrooms, they will be closed early on September 10 to form pre-space.

For more information on the competition, you can search through the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tel. 02-3415-0052) or through Kakao Talk channel "World Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry".

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