Training for 'Daejeon Theme Tourism Coordinator'
Training for 'Daejeon Theme Tourism Coordinator'
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Recently, Woosong Information University conducted "Daejeon Theme Tourism Coordinator Training" from August 23 to September 3, 2021 with the support of the Korea Tourism Organization and Daejeon Metropolitan City.

The purpose of this training is to develop tourism content to raise the level of tourism in Korea. Under the auspices of Professor Jang In-sik of Woosong Information University, professors in charge of each subject provided education on Daejeon's history and festivals, Daejeon's attractions, and explanatory techniques.

Among the trainees, famous YouTuber Ahn Byung-il from TV Sympathy Plus, and English pop song instructor Lee Hee-won TV, also joined the event.

Youtuber Ahn Byung-il from TV Sympathy Plus

The trainees plan to develop and guide tours in the Geumgang region of Baekje, including Daejeon, Gongju, Buyeo, and Iksan.

Kang Dea-hoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea, an English service of Korean tourism news, also participated in the training.


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