Temi Ore's fourth fairy tale book, 'The Magic Clock of Stationmaster Sol’
Temi Ore's fourth fairy tale book, 'The Magic Clock of Stationmaster Sol’
  • Choi Yong-chul
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It will distribute to more than 200 places, including the Dong Administrative Welfare Center, hospitals and schools in Daejeon, and daycare centers.
Daejeon City

Temi Ore, Daejeon, announced on the 9th that it will distribute its fourth fairy tale book, The Magic Clock of Stationmaster Sol, to more than 200 locations, including Dong Administrative Welfare Center, Hospital, School, Daycare Center, and Small Library.

Temi Ore is the new name of the government office village where the former governor of Chungcheongnam-do stayed. It was opened to citizens in 2019 and currently operates various exhibition programs and local community literary programs.

Every year, it conducts a Picture Book Reading campaign with citizens. Fairy tale books are provided to visitors to Temi Ore with various events.

The fourth fairy tale book "Magic Clock of Stationmaster Sol," which was published this time, tells the story of a city in Daejeon that grew along the railroad that "Temi" and "Ore" go on time travel to the past to Daejeon Station with "Stationmaster Sol.“

Daejeon City

Fairy tale writer Do Kyung-min and illustration Park Sun-hyang participated in the production of fairy tale books, while Road School was in charge of content production. Cute characters and illustrations tailored to children's eyes are expected to draw a consensus among children as they are leading the past and present time travel of Daejeon Station in a fun and exciting way.

Meanwhile, Temi Ore is planning to publish its fifth fairy tale book at the end of this year and will continue to tell the story of a region under the theme of Daecheongho Lake, the lifeline of Daejeon people.

If you have any other questions, contact the Temi Ore website ( or the Temi Ora Cultural Community Team (☏042—335-5703).

The head of the Daejeon City Culture and Arts Policy Division said, "We expect the distribution of fairy tales to contribute to the care of local children. We will continue to support Temi Ore to serve as a cultural shelter for Daejeon citizens".

Temi Ore published his first fairy tale book, Ore Friends, in 2019, and published Golden Carp Bungbungi and Doki and Treasure Pouch in 2020 to develop cultural contents that encompass various generations along with the introduction of local attractions.



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