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Take a walking tour at beautiful Daejeon Dullesan-gil (대전둘레산길)! (Part2)
Take a walking tour at beautiful Daejeon Dullesan-gil (대전둘레산길)! (Part2)
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Section 7 (Geumbyeongsangil Trail - 금병산길): Mt. Geumbyeongsan enfolded with silk

Mt. Geumbyeongsan enfolded with silk is a rather low mountain situated in the northern part of Daejeon along with Mt. Obongsan and Bodeokbong Peak. It is a familiar mountain similar to a hill that is frequently visited only by neighboring citizens.

The view from Mt. Geumbyeongsan is extremely good, and on a clear day, Mt. Daedunsan can be seen on the far south. There is a legend about 3 caves in Mt. Geumbyeongsan where a dragon lives, and Suungyo Cheondan (Temple of Heaven) is located here.

Around Section 7, Jeokosanseong Fortress, Suungyo Cheondan (Temple of Heaven), Suungyo Seokjong (Stone Bell), Bongryeonggak and Yonghodang can be found.

Section 8 (Usanbonggil Trail - 우산봉길): Mt. Gaphasan, the true meaning of hiking

This section prides itself in having the best landscape centered on Mt. Ubongsan on the west of Daejeon and Mt. Gaphasan. The entire Daejeon National Cemetery and Yuseong can be seen at a glance and the colors of autumn foliage add to the hiking sensation.

Ansan-dong Fortress is a famous fortress from the Baekje Period in which the western gate site still remains intact; every year on March 1st, Fortress Festival is held. Hiking around the fortress and the forest trail leading up to Usanbong Peak is extremely comforting and warm.

Although the path is steep until Usanbong Peak, standing on it and admiring the surroundings will captivate you. Around Section 8, Daejeon National Cemetery, World Cup Stadium, and Daejeon Prehistoric Museum can be found.

Section 9 (Sutonggolgil Trail - 수통골길): Forest and valley scenery in harmony

As a region that is part of Gyeryongsan National Park, it takes pride in its beautiful look. The pine tree forest at the beginning of the section from Sapjae Pass to Dodeokbong Peak is friendly and a little tiring, but it’s not so tough. The mountain is high and the valley is deep which forms a natural heritage that is home to various wild animals, so it must be preserved.

Geumsubong Peak was given its name because of its beauty, resembling embroidering on silk. As you stand on Geumsubong Peak, Seongbuk-dong can be seen at a glance towards the south. Ssaetteum Village residents in Seongbuk-dong still hold ceremonies at the foot of Geumsubong Peak, praying for peace and harmony in the village.

Around Section 9, Yuseong Youth Hostel, Bokyong Equestrian Center and famous restaurants around the entrance of Sutonggol can be found.

Section 10 (Seongbukdongsanseong-gil Trail - 성북동산성길): A new sight, an ensemble with Beombawi Rock and Yongbawi Rock

In Section 10 course, the mountain range from the summit of Mt. Bingyesan to Bangdong Reservoir is gentle and is the shortest section out of the 12 Daejeon Dullesan-gil. Although it is not well known, it is well laid out and allows you to enjoy Daejeon with a new perspective as you view Beombawi Rock and Yongbawi Rock carrying legends. 

Sometimes people ask, ‘Is there Seongbuk-dong in Daejeon as well?’. The previous name of Seongbuk-dong was ‘Jatdwi’. Jatdwi Village still exists in Seongbuk-do, and the Zelkova nurse trees along the street that are hundreds of years old are a spectacular sight. Around Section 10, Seongbukdong Forest Park, Bangdong Reservoir, Seokjobosalipsang (Standing Stone Bodhisattva), Beombawi Rock, Yongbawi Rock, Seongbukdong Fortress and other cultural resources can be found.

Section 11 (Gubongsangil Trail - 구봉산길): Mt. Gubongsan with two faces

It is said that Mt. Gubongsan was given its name because it is a mountain with 9 peaks, but actually there are more than that. 

If you face Gwanjeo-dong towards the north from Gubongjeong Peak, you can see the apartment villages of the city, and if you face Nurubeol in Heukseok-dong towards the south, you can enjoy the rural atmosphere of a beautiful village surrounded by Gapcheon Stream. In particular, the autumn foliage of Mt. Gubongsan is one of the Eight Most Popular and Beautiful Sights of Daejeon, offering harmony with the mountain. In spring, you can enjoy the banquet of azalea.

In Ssaetteum Village in Goegok-dong, there is a 650-year-old zelkova, the oldest tree in Daejeon and designated as a natural monument. You can cross the Gapcheon Stream, pass Jeongnim Middle School, Hyojabong Peak and move on to Jaenggibong Peak.

Around Section 11, the Old House of Papyeong Yun’s Family Seoyungong Clan, Goegokdong Dolmen, and Tomb of Dangun in Jeongnim-dong can be found.

Section 12 (Dongmulwongil Trail - 동물원길): Endless love for Daejeon

This section passes the mountain around Ppuri Park, Yudeungcheon Stream and the Zooland and leads up to Sirubong Peak, the summit of Mt. Bomunsan. It goes around Jaenggibong Peak, Janganbong Peak and Mt. Chimsan so it is a tough course. The Museum of Genealogy and Ppuri Park where visitors can learn about the origin of their surnames can be visited after crossing Yudeungcheon Stream which follows the barbed wire of Zooland, ultimately leading to Guksabong Peak.

From Guksabong Peak, it then follows the barbed wire of Zooland and while advancing towards Kkachigogae Pass, visitors can enjoy the diversity of the forest trail.

Around Section 12, Yuhoedang, Samgeunjeongsa, Sansindang, Yeogyeongam, Guksabong Peak ruins, Sajeongseong and many cultural properties can be found, and Daejeon O-world’s zoo, flower garden and play experience can be enjoyed.

This wraps up the 12 sections of Daejeon Dullesan-gil from Sirubong Peak. Try investing some time once a month to feel the new, vibrant touches of Daejeon. Why don’t you start making plans now with your family?

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