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Yang Hyang-ja (양향자) leads the fever of Korean taste at the World Food Festival held in Turkey
Yang Hyang-ja (양향자) leads the fever of Korean taste at the World Food Festival held in Turkey
  • By Kang Dea-hoon
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The traditional taste of Korean food brought to international friends!

Cultural Korean wave such as "BTS" and "Squid Game" is hitting the global village. The World Food and Culture Institute, which is active in the globalization of Korean food, and the Korea Food Coordinator Association and WTCO (World's Top Chef Organization) participated in the 3rd Turkey International Tourism Taste Festival held from October 13-16. It was praised by local media and food experts for hosting a program to promote Korean food at taste sites around the world.

"Gastro Afyon," a Turkish gourmet city listed on UNESCO as the area where the event was held, is a traditional city called the hometown of civilization in 3000BC history. It was the center of red meat production after the rule of Sultan Abdulhamit and is an ancient city where you can feel the breath of taste.

In addition to Chairman Yang Hyang-ja, who participated as a delegation, the visiting team gave a cooking demonstration of Korean food bibimbap and Chiljeolpan, the most Korean K-FOOD. It also served as a K-FOOD evangelist by introducing the origins, characteristics, and recipes of traditional Korean food. Local participants, broadcasting, and participants from each country were asked a lot about Korean food recipes. The WTCO headquarters said it will continue to hold events introducing various foods and cultures in Korea in the future to connect the world as one in the future.

Yang Hyang-ja, chairman of the World Food and Culture Institute, said, "In order to continue to maintain the popularity of Hallyu and K-FOOD around the world, we need to create such a place with international organizations such as the United Nations. Only then can the national image be improved and tourism culture be developed. We will continue to contribute greatly to the development of the "Korean food powerhouse" in the world by participating in such multinational events, he said.

The World Food and Culture Institute is a non-profit organization that not only informs the excellence of Korean food throughout the world, but also introduces and exchanges food and culture of people around the world, and has been hosting various cultural exchange events through food culture.

For more information or coverage regarding this press release, please contact Yoo Seung-kyung, a researcher at the World Food and Culture Institute (☎ 02-511-1540)

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