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Daejeon Metro is truly One of A Kind!
Daejeon Metro is truly One of A Kind!
  • Quynh Anh Vu
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For an international student like me, one of the things that impressed me the most in Korea is its really modern, professionally operated public transport system, especially the subway system. But I especially like the subway in Daejeon, the city I live in, for its speed, cleanliness, and convenience.

Rush hour in subway
Rush hour in the subway
Daejeon's Subway is totally disability-friendly!

I think each city has its own personality, and you can see those characteristics most clearly in the atmosphere of the subway station. I have been to Seoul, the central city, the capital of Korea, where there is an interlaced subway system. It is said that Seoul is the city that never sleeps, the most exciting place, the dream city of young people who love nightlife. However, it is not until you get off the subway stations that you feel the realistic view of Seoul life: rushed, harsh, and even a little cold.

Daejeon's Subway Station
Daejeon's Subway Station

But not inferior to any subway system, Daejeon subway also has full facilities for its passengers. Necessary items in the time of the Covid-19 epidemic are of course a 'must'. But, forgot your traffic card? That's okay, because you can print yourself a pass at the train station! Needing wifi? Don't worry, because there is a free connection throughout the subway. Even if your phone runs out of battery, you can charge it here for free. You will never miss a train because there is a minutely accurate timetable for each train's arrival time. Flower shops, bakeries, convenience stores, even ID photo booths! - Convenience is everywhere in Daejeon's metro system. As I said, Daejeon is not inferior to any city!

Subway card printing machine at Daejeon's Subway Station
ID Photo booth at Daejeon's Subway Station
The new Digital services at Daejeon Subway Station
Covid-19 amenities are always available
GS25 Convenience Store at Daejeon's Subway Station

But the special thing is in the atmosphere here. Famous as a peaceful city, Daejeon's subway also has a whole different vibe. Not colorful or full-of-music like in New York or Shanghai, Daejeon's Subway Station has the same simplicity and idyllic vibe as its people. Everyone walked more slowly and more leisurely. The space is also airier, instead of the surrounding oppressive tension like in big cities. You'll also rarely see the stuffy day-to-night cramming of the subway in Daejeon like you see in Seoul, even at rush hour! Perhaps that's why our subway system is also said to be cleaner than anywhere else.

People waiting for there train at Daejeon's Subway Station

Although there are not many subway lines in Daejeon, this is still a convenient and the people's favorite means of transportation. Bus or subway, each has its own beauty. If you're not in a hurry and feel like seeing the city, the bus is a great option. But if you just want to come home quickly to your family, the subway is the answer I would suggest.

As long as it's Daejeon, everything is worth the experience!

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