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Meet Chairman Kwon Joong-soon of Daejeon Metropolitan City Council
Meet Chairman Kwon Joong-soon of Daejeon Metropolitan City Council
  • By Kang Dea-hoon
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On December 2, WalkintoKorea has had the chance to interview Chairman Kwon Joong-soon of Daejeon Metropolitan City Council, a kind, wonderful gentleman. Chairman Kwon ranked first in the integrity evaluation of the metropolitan city council last year organized by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. Kang Dae-hoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea, has invited him to interview and showed his office, so I could see the Chairman working.

Below is Chairman Kwon Jung-soon, who is successfully leading the Daejeon Metropolitan City Council, being asked about the reason for entering politics, the achievements of the 8th assembly, and the response to UCLG.

Daejeon Metropolitan City Council's Chairman Kwon Joong-soon

What is the reason for politics?

I wanted to grow up in a challenging environment and become a professional. Even in college, I studied like a student studying for the entrance exam. So I passed the tax accountant qualification test at the age of 23. Since then, as a tax accountant, YMCA, the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, and various public institutions have consistently conducted tax counseling and advisory activities for citizens and small and medium-sized merchants. 
While doing these volunteer activities, I knew the difficulties of the socially disadvantaged and thought that I should do politics. 
So, while working as a city council member for 12 years, I visited the site to listen to the difficulties of the residents and try to solve them.

What is worthwhile as the Chairman of the 8th Daejeon City Council in the second half of the year?

On July 13 last year, he took office as Chairman of the 8th Daejeon Metropolitan City Council with a heavy sense of responsibility in the COVID-19 situation. For the development of local councils, a parliamentary innovation promotion team was formed to adopt and implement a "policy report for strengthening local council capabilities," which contains 15 critical strategies. 
The completed 10 tasks are ▲ Posting discussion videos and materials on the website ▲ Disclosure of attendance rates at this meeting and standing committee ▲ Regular communication channels between the Chairman and the council ▲ Operation of public officials ▲ Operation of council-civil society policy ▲ Supportive research system. 
This task will contribute to the development of the Daejeon Metropolitan City Council in the future.

Mr. Kwon Joong-soon, Chairman of Daejeon Metropolitan City Council, and Mr. Kang Dea-hoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea

What is the city council's role in the 2022 Daejeon UCLG?

Today is the era of cities across borders. 
More than 1,000 cities from 140 countries are expected to participate in the UCLG, and 5,000 people will participate. 
Through this competition, the global community should be informed of the scientific city of Daejeon. Tourists come in, and investment flows in only when the city is known. Programs that help the Daejeon economy should be operated. I will do my best as the Chairman of the parliament. 
Also, I ask you to report a lot by WalkintoKorea, the only English media in Daejeon. As a global media, we look forward to your role in urban marketing in Daejeon.

What is your view on culture and tourism?

These days, teenagers and younger generations play games, work, study while watching movies, and listen to music simultaneously. Culture is mixed into life, and I wonder if this talent has blossomed in the Korean Wave today. Isn't everyone dreaming of a happy life? Culture is needed for a happy life, and safe tourism and cultural content are required even in the COVID-19 era. We will spare no effort for Daejeon to become a city of cultural content. 

On behalf of WalkintoKorea, we wish the Chairman's health and the development of the Daejeon Metropolitan City Council.

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