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PR video 'Find the hidden K-DNA' earns positive reception abroad
PR video 'Find the hidden K-DNA' earns positive reception abroad
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The Korea-promoting video "Find the hidden K-DNA, 5 perspectives on Korea" released this month by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) under the


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has received positive responses worldwide.

As of Dec. 27 at 10 a.m., the video attracted 930,000 views on YouTube ten days after its release.

The 14-minute clip features five foreign experts from various sectors who know Korea well and with objective perspectives of the country. They received five tasks to find the essential power of Korea and Hallyu (Korean Wave): coexistence, novelty, consideration, creativity, and dynamics and experience.

The five are American photographer Noe Alonzo, Ukrainian dancer Polina Bohosloska, Australian chef Joseph Lidgerwood, Kazakhstani YouTube content creator Absadyk Onege, and German artist and professor Werner Sasse.

Viewers around the world said Korea is a country that gives "inspiration."

Laura Cioroianu from Romania in a YouTube comment said, "I get so much inspiration from Hallyu and I am able to express my creativity in so many amazing ways, which brings me pure joy and happiness that I really need in my life," adding, "I cannot live a day without getting my inspirations from Korean culture now."

A user named Kakao Gua from Bulgaria said, "Korea is no longer 'just an Asian country' but an inspiration," while another named Salma from Morocco added, "(Korea) has been such a big inspiration in my life."

KOCIS will release the video in eight other languages including French, German, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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