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DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. successfully organized the event TEKTiTE 2022: Digital Innovation
DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. successfully organized the event TEKTiTE 2022: Digital Innovation
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May 24-25, TEKTiTE 2022: Digital Innovation was successfully organized by DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. with the participation of 7 keynote global and local speakers.

DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. (DTK) is a full range of innovation management intermediaries to transfer and commercialize newly-developed technologies. Ever since its establishment, the company has been determined to contribute to GDP growth by creating jobs and promoting technology transfer commercialization.

DTK has three dominant business segments: Tech Transfer, including Joint Research & Development, Technology Licensing, and Technology Scouting; Commercialization with Demand Response Search, Pioneer Sales, Biz Modeling, and Seed Capital Investment; and Events, including OI Pitching Day and TEKTiTE The name of TEKTiTE refers to a Shooting Star that Came to the Earth. Although it is small and dusky, DTK believes it has potential and something special, just like start-ups.

CEO of DeltaTech-Korea Ltd., Lee Seung-Ho

TEKTiTE is an open innovation market that brings together global corporations, startups, universities, research institutes, intermediaries, and investors. It aims at creating business opportunities between technology seekers such as global corporations and technology providers like startups and/or TTOs. All activities will be implemented by virtual process, event platform, and non-contact media such as Zoom and Skype.

TEKTiTE 2022: Digital Innovation is the 3rd Online Technology-to-Industry Exhibition presented by DTK. This year, the TEKTiTE event is divided into sectors of Smart City/Factory/Home/Farm, Eco-Friendly Technology, Future Mobility, and Healthcare. 

The event TEKTiTE 2022: Digital Innovation, taking place on May 24 and 25, was a great success with the participation of keynote speakers. The event took place with the participation of 7 speakers from all over the world, with very interesting topics related to the era of 'Digital Innovation'.

The keynote speakers of TEKTiTE 2022 include Mr. David Wortley, vice president of the International Society of Digital Medicine, on ‘The Future of Digital Medicine in the Metaverse Age’. Mr. Mitsu Yamamoto, the managing director of Japan Technology Group, spoke on ‘Japanese Innovation - Full of Opportunities without barrier’. Mr. Ahmet Jetullhu, the team leader of Prishtina REA, discussed the topic of ‘Digital Transformation of Businesses Digital Age 2030’. The Senior Director of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Mr. Martins Baumanis, talked about ‘Digital Industries in Latvia’. Madame Sara Medina, a board member of Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovacao, spoke about ‘Future Development of Intelligent Manufacturing’. Mr. Francisco Velasco, the managing partner of OIC - Open Innovation Community with the topic ‘OI30 - Open Innovation 30’. And CEO of WalkintoKorea, Mr. Deahoon Kang, with the speech on ‘Startup Marketing for Survival’. 

Watch the speeches of TEKTiTE 2022: Digital Innovation: Youtube: (주)델타텍코리아

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