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Grab your money! ZEROBASE Daejeon Auction is coming to Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery (대전신세계) on July!
Grab your money! ZEROBASE Daejeon Auction is coming to Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery (대전신세계) on July!
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Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery and the largest art auction company in Korea, Seoul Auction are is holding the upcoming ZEROBASE Daejeon Auction from June 24 - July 7 with the preview exhibition opening on July 1st!

Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery, together with Seoul Auction, the largest art auction company in Korea, is holding an online auction called 'ZEROBASE Daejeon' featuring works by 9 regional-based artists, where you can bid from 0 won.

Poster of Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery × Seoul Auction, ZEROBASE Daejeon

The ZEROBASE auction is an art auction that is conducted with the purpose of allowing buyers to judge the value of the work without cutting it based on a specific standard. It has attracted much attention from art lovers due to the exception that the auction starts at 0 won.

Since the minimum bid amount is a small amount of 10,000 to 20,000 won, and you can easily participate in the auction through the system linked to KakaoTalk, you can purchase verified works without any burden, which is even better for those who are new to art collections such as the MZ generation. Now doesn't that sound like a bargain?!

In 2022, Shinsegae Gallery intends to expand the role of ZEROBASE in discovering artists and introducing them to the market in cooperation with Seoul Auction. The first attempts were ‘ZEROBASE Daejeon’ and ‘ZEROBASE Daegu’. Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery and Daegu Shinsegae Gallery, together with Seoul Auction, carefully selected local artists and, through this ZEROBASE, expands the market debut opportunities of artists who were concentrated in the metropolitan area to the region, promoting revitalization in the local art market, and We aim to provide opportunities to enter the art market through collaboration with companies.

ZEROBASE Daejeon showcases 79 works by nine artists: Kim Ki-Tae, Noh Hyung-Gyu, Ryu So-ri, Moon Jung-Ae, Park Yunjin, Park Eun-ho, Lee Jisoo, and Jang Dongwook, who are steadily active in the Daejeon region.

From June 24 (Fri) to July 7 (Thu), an online auction was held at the Seoul Auction Blacklot website with a starting price of 0 won, and after 14 days of fierce competition, the owner of the work is expected to be found.

A preview exhibition where you can actually appreciate the auction works will be held on the first basement floor of Seoul Auction Gangnam Center (6.24-6.28) and will continue from July 1st to July 7th at the Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery.

During the preview exhibition period, the digital exhibition is also conducted through the Shinsegae Department Store APP, so you can easily check the world of the participating artists' works on your mobile phone.

ZEROBASE was created with the intention of revitalizing the local art market. Don't miss this event to support our very talented local artists!

Below are the exhibited works of the participated artists. For more exhibition-related inquiries, please contact Daejeon Shinsegae Gallery at 042-607-1176 (Baek Ji-hong).

Kim Ki-Tae (김기태), 내가 지키고 있음을, watercolor on Korean paper, 72.8x90.8cm, 2020
Noh Hyung-Gyu (노형규), 잠깐, 나올래, oil on canvas, 116.8x91.2cm, 2022
Ryu So-Ri (류소리), 테이트 브리튼 미술관의 새로운 모습, oil on canvas, 130x162cm, 2017
Moon Jung-Ae (문정애), 초대, acrylic on canvas, 59.4x71.5cm, 2016
Han Yeong-Guk (한영국), 삼색의 층, Three-Colot Layers, oil on canvas, 53x45.5cm, 2022
Jang Dongwook (장동욱), Midwinter PM123, oil on canvas, 116.8x72cm, 2018
Lee Jisoo (이지수), Study, oil and pencil on canvas, 73x91cm, 2021
Park Eun-ho (박은호), 신정동_210129, acrylic on canvas, 53x45.5cm, 2021
Park Yunjin (박윤진), spider-dog, oil on canvas, 72.7x53.2cm, 2022

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