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O-World (대전오월드) is the best place to spend your summer in Daejeon!
O-World (대전오월드) is the best place to spend your summer in Daejeon!
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Daejeon O-World is the largest theme park in the south of the central region where the whole family can enjoy together with a complex space of ‘Joo Land + Flower Land + Joy Land + Bird Land’.

Daejeon O-World was established when the Daejeon Zoo and Joy Land, an amusement park, were integrated under the supervision of the Daejeon City Corporation. The project cost a whopping 40 billion won and resulted in the construction of Flower Land (100,000㎡) in addition to the renamed Zoo Land and the preexisting Joy Land. It opened on May 1, 2009 to the public.

The three main sections of Daejeon O-World are Zoo Land, Joy Land, and Flower Land. Zoo Land is currently home to a total of 600 animals of 130 different species, including American black bears, Bengal tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. Amusement rides, waterslides, and four-season sledding are housed at Joy Land. Flower Land boasts many smaller sections such as Rose Garden, Four Season Garden, Herb Garden, and Maze Garden and is home to a total of 150,000 tress of 100 different species and 200,000 flowers of 85 different species. An outdoor stage and concert hall are also located in the area. There are plenty of things to see and enjoy in every corner of Daejeon O-World. Just beyond Festival Street, visitors will find a large (3,000㎡) pond with a fountain.

At O-World, you can hear the stories of animals living and breathing right in fronts of your eyes, such as the African safari, Korean wolf safari, and mountain safari that can only be experienced at O-World. Also, you can enjoy the world of fragrant flowers in harmony with flowers, water, and light, amusement facilities that give you exhilarating pleasure, and a fantastic bird experience with rare birds and tropical gardens all at once at O-World!

‘Night Universe’, a digital media art theme park, will visit O-World on July 29th. Come and experience different kinds of fun, like a hologram show and a music fountain water show in a mysterious and fantastic night space with various digital media devices and exciting storytelling!

Daejeon O-World - 대전오월드

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