Daejeon Mayor Lee Jang-woo (이장우) begins his overseas business trip with investment attraction activities
Daejeon Mayor Lee Jang-woo (이장우) begins his overseas business trip with investment attraction activities
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Mayor Lee's overseas diplomatic activities to make Daejeon City as a top-class economic city(일류경제도시) in the world have begun.

This is the Mayor's first overseas business trip, starting on the 21st at 11 am in New York University Kimmel Center.

Mayor Lee Jang-woo attending the event in New York University


On the 21st (local time), Mayor Lee attended 'Business day in New York' to promote Daejeon's investing environment and support Daejeon's corporate policies. He also attending Korea-U.S. Startup Summit at the Digital Vision Forum hosted by New York University. "In the event, we will celebrate and promote Daejeon advanced metropolis, KAIST, etc. to attract foreign investment" Mayor Lee said. He further explained the environment for attracting foreign investment and various foreign investment support policies, Nano Semiconductor, Daejeon City’s strategy to foster strategic industries such as aerospace, bio-health, and heavy industries.

'Business Day in NY' is a global partnership and a leading occasion for small and medium-sized enterprises. It's an event to share information and find opportunities to create new businesses. It was organized by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency(KOSME). President of KAIST, Chairman of the Korea Heavy Industries Corporation, NYC SBS chief and Shinhan Financial Group vice president attended.

Mayor Lee at 'Business Day in NY'


In the afternoon, Mayor Lee visited the Korea-U.S. Startup Summit venue and visited Small and Medium Venture Business venue with the vice officer where the best cases of cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises; it started showcasing to Mayor Lee and told him about a project, "Daejeon City start-up.". It's about the support policy and asked for support from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.


Edward Melstein of the New York City Office of International Relations at New York University's Kimmel Center interviewed with the Mayor, promote the Daejeon UCLG General Assembly, which is scheduled to be revised in October. They proposed to establish a cooperative system between start-ups in Daejeon and companies in New York City.

Mayor Lee then moved to the Digital Vision Forum hosted by New York University. The first part of the event was KAIST in New York City Convention and KAIST-New York University Joint Campus.

President Yoon Suk Yeol was presented at the Digital Vision Forum, which he attended the entrance presentation ceremony and hosted the second part of the event. There, Mayor Lee attended the 'New York Declaration for Free Psalms' speech.
Mayor Lee greeted President Yoon after his speech, to which he was introduced to the head of KAIST - New York University.
Also, President Yoon said to Mayor Lee, "We should emphasize the importance of the projects promoted by KAIST and New York City. Daejeon City, KAIST, and New York City should work closely to achieve desirable results." In response, Mayor Lee said, "The city of Daejeon is also actively cooperating for the success of this project. We will do our best for Daejeon startup companies to advance into the global market.”

Mayor Lee with President Yoon at the Digital Vision Forum


Afterwards, Mayor Lee turned the abandoned railway site into a park on the 22nd (local time). Highline Park and Hudson Yard, which have been reborn as world-class tourist attractions, ventilating urban regeneration areas, accelerator start-up support center (ERA), etc.
Visit to learn about ERA's startup development ideas and business plans.

On the 23rd, Mayor Lee will have an interview with members of the Korean Association of New York and Chungcheong Association. After completing the US itinerary, he will move onto Istanbul, Turkey. There, he will make an appearance to the UCLG Middle East: West Asia Secretariat - Mahmet Duman, Secretary General Daejeon, such as requesting the participation of member cities in the Middle East and West Asia to participate in the Daejeon General Assembly. "We will do our best to promote the final stage of the UCLG General Assembly and make it a successful event" Mayor Lee stated.

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