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Dedication in Every Small Product Creates Greatness
Dedication in Every Small Product Creates Greatness
  • Tra My Nguyen - WalkintoKorea
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As society continues to progress, people are becoming increasingly concerned about their health. Therefore, fresh agricultural products have become one of the best-selling items today, not only domestically but also internationally. However, not all businesses or organizations in the industry can guarantee the highest quality to customers. Therefore, we need to carefully choose any brand of clean food before making a decision.

One of the most reputable organizations in fresh agricultural products in Korea is Goodtrae (굿뜨래) in Buyeo. The company is known for producing high-quality agricultural products, including rice, fruits, and vegetables, which are highly sought after both domestically and internationally. Let's find out why the Korean people love and trust Goodtrae so much.

Products Harvested by Diligent Farmers

Buyeo is a familiar land of fresh agricultural products. The people here are renowned for their diligence and hard work. They treat the mushrooms or watermelons they grow as their own children, carefully nurturing them to ensure that the products reaching the customers are of the highest quality. For the people here, they produce goods with their own joy.

Goodtrae collaborates with thousands of farms, big and small, and family households involved in agriculture to provide a diverse range of products

Goodtrae collaborates with thousands of farms, big and small, and family households involved in agriculture to provide a diverse range of products such as watermelons, hazelnuts, and mushrooms. They directly visit these locations to inspect the cultivation process, as well as closely monitor the procurement, aiming to minimize any potential risks.

Up-to-Date and Transparent Product Information

A common concern for customers when purchasing food products is not knowing the origin and detailed information about the products. However, this is not an obstacle with Goodtrae. With their website and daily updated fan page, Goodtrae also has a team of staff available 24/7 to provide advice, making the shopping process easier and more convenient for customers.

You can enjoy online shopping on their website

Additionally, you can easily shop online at the Goodtrae Mall website, where all promotions are clearly visible. Moreover, the website provides authentic product reviews, allowing you to refer to them before making a purchase. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, you can quickly perform all actions on the website.

Feedback from their customers
Information about products always is updated for custormers

Fast Delivery Service

With the slogan "Fresh to Your Door", Goodtrae ensures that every product delivered to customers is of the highest quality, maintaining its integrity throughout the transportation process. This is one of the biggest concerns for customers when buying food products online. Not all suppliers can guarantee quality over an extended period of packaging and delivery. Understanding this concern, Goodtrae has invested in a modern transportation system with leading experts in the country to ensure a smooth operation.

Every product at Goodtrae represents not only the efforts of each company but also the dedication and care of a farming system and farmers who work day and night to nurture each of their "children". Supporting Goodtrae is not only a way to take care of your own health but also a way to support the local fresh agriculture industry.

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