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CNCITY Energy's Journey to Local Community Contributions
CNCITY Energy's Journey to Local Community Contributions
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CNCITY Foundation (CNCITY 마음에너지재단), held a creative song contest to commemorate the opening of 'Heredium', a complex cultural and art space restored from the old Oriental Cheoksik Co., Ltd.

CNCITY Energy, a company with a profound management philosophy, aims to make the world a happier place by connecting it with clean energy and positive thinking. As part of their commitment to social contribution, they have established the CNCITY Foundation, which is about to launch an innovative cultural and artistic space called ‘HEREDIUM’. To commemorate its official opening in September, the foundation is hosting a unique event, the "Heredium Opening Commemorative Composition Contest" calling upon young artists and composers to express their creativity and contribute to the transformation of history.

Contribute to making a world where everyone is happy by connecting the world with clean energy and mind energy.

The Spirit of CNCITY Energy: A World Connected by Clean Energy and Mind Energy

At the heart of CNCITY Energy's management philosophy lies a vision to contribute to a world where happiness prevails. This is achieved through their dedication to connecting the world with both clean energy and mind energy. The essence of the company's ideology is encapsulated in the motif of "Connected Dots". Just as dots form a unified picture when connected, CNCITY Energy seeks to create harmony by connecting culture, society, and public interest.


To realize their vision of a "happy memorial service for society", CNCITY Energy has integrated three elements of social contribution into their corporate culture activities, all aimed at promoting employee satisfaction. These elements are the Hope Project Volunteer Group, Hope Sharing Center, and Matching Grant.

Social contribution system of CNCITY Energy

Heredium: Rediscovering History through Culture and Art

The CNCITY Foundation has embarked on a significant project by restoring the old 'Dongyang Cheoksik Co., Ltd. (Dongcheok)' building, a registered cultural property with a painful history from the Japanese colonial period in Daejeon. This transformation has given birth to "Heredium". a multifaceted cultural art space set to officially open in September.


The primary goal behind creating Heredium is to contribute to the local community by providing an archive that records a century of history. Among the highlights will be the 'Heredium Classic Series', a concert that symbolizes the conversion of a place of exploitation into a space of communication and celebration. The first half of the year witnessed an archive exhibition tracing the history of Dongcheok leading up to the formation of Heredium. As we move into the second half of 2023, the foundation plans to host various cultural and artistic events, enhancing opportunities for locals to experience their heritage.

Heredium Opening Commemorative Composition Contest: Embracing the Future through the Past

In anticipation of Heredium's official opening in September, CNCITY Maeum Energy Foundation is hosting the "Heredium Opening Commemorative Composition Contest". This contest offers a platform for young artists and composers under the age of 39 to showcase their talent and contribute to the transformation of a historical landmark.


CNCITY Foundation has chosen the poetry of 'Rainer Maria Rilke' (1875-1926) as the theme for their classical program. Participants in the contest are encouraged to draw inspiration from the poetry of 'Rainer Maria Rilke' and create ensemble compositions lasting between 5 to 10 minutes and featuring less than five people. The submission period extends from May 25th to July 25th, providing artists with two months to craft their masterpieces.

A poster for the creative song contest celebrating the opening of Heredium. (Photo: CNCITY Energy)

For those selected, the rewards are substantial, including the opportunity to premiere their work, a production fee of 1 million won, and a chance to work on a music video for the renowned classic YouTube channel 'Let's Clay'. This contest, in line with the foundation's mission, aspires to bridge the past and present through art, uniting the community through culture.


As CNCITY Energy strives to contribute to a happier world through clean energy and mind energy, its dedication to cultural preservation and enrichment is showcased in the establishment of Heredium. This transformative project exemplifies the company's commitment to community welfare and cultural heritage.


The "Heredium Opening Commemorative Composition Contest" plays a crucial role in realizing this vision, inviting young artists to breathe new life into history and participate in the creation of a vibrant cultural space. By connecting the past with the present, CNCITY Energy forges a path toward a brighter and more harmonious future for all. For detailed guidelines and application forms for the contest, aspiring participants can visit the CNCITY Foundation website (


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